Chicago Comic Con '09

8/6/09 - 8/9/09

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Me and Gregg. He stopped by to visit and I ended up putting him to work!

It's like a toy company sandwich! You've got Shocker Toys and Skeleflex all cramming in for a pic with me!

Derek and me!

Me and Geoff!

Me and Theron getting friendly.

Theron gets close to Tatiana.

I am a MAD chick magnet!

Geoff meets Mark Millar (Kick Ass). Mark was the Guest of Honor for Chicago Comic Con.

Me and Mark.

Jerome Blake (Star Wars, Fifth Element) doing his best Evil impression.

Dennis gropes Courtney!

Jeremy and Kim!

I honestly have no idea what Jerome is doing to Adriane with the rubber glove. But apparently, it's pretty funny.

Me and Adriane.


Me and Michelle Rodriguez! I got to moderate her panel and throw some questions at her. Check out iClips to see it!


Me and Christopher Knight (Peter Brady).

Me and the Suicide Girls!! HEAVEN!!

Me and Jake Busey (Starship Troopers).

Edward James Olmos with his personal Volunteer for the weekend....

Who didn't know how to use my camera, so instead of taking a pic of me and Eddie, he took a pic of himself!

Eddie popping me in the mouth!

Me and Herb Jefferson, Jr. (Battlestar Galactica).

Me and Courtney and Tatiana!

And the Griffons Claw crew breaking down their booth!

And that's it! BIG thanks to all my Volunteers! Could not have gotten through the weekend without you guys and gals! Big thanks to everyone at Wizard, and to all the guests, artists, and vendors, and to all the fans that came to the show!

See you all next year!


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