Shoulder Lamp Kit Instructions

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Shoulder Lamp Kit


Supplies Needed:


Sandable Pimer

Matte Clear Coat

Drill and Drill Bits

OD Green Spray Paint

Black Paint

Allen Keys

Super Glue


Remember, only paint or sand resin outdoors, or in a well ventilated room while wearing goggles and a mask.

The kit includes – Outer Body, Inner Body, Grip, 6x Vents, Front Plate, Switch, Front Vent, 4x Vent Caps, Lamp Head, Lamp Arm, Knob, 4x spacers and bag of screws.

Lamp Kit

Lamp Kit

Included Screws

Included Screws


1: Wash all resin parts in warm, soapy water and allow to air-dry.  Washing the parts remove any mold release left on the parts and will help the paint stick better.


2: Lightly sand all resin parts to remove any seam lines.  If needed, fill any air bubbles or imperfections in the kit with hobby putty, allow to dry, and sand smooth.


3: Trim any flash from the parts.  Be careful when doing this so you don’t damage the part.








4: Pre-drill the hole at the top of the Lamp Arm where it will connect to the Lamp Head. Use a 11/64 drill bit.  It will be small enough that it will allow the bolt to be snug and keep the head stiff.  Drill it from one side first then the other so they meet in the middle evenly.







5: Drill a 1/8” hole in each of the 4 corners of the Outer Body where the molded holes are.







6: Clean up the holes in all the Vent parts.  If the holes are closed, open them with a 7/64” bit.  Drill 4 7/64” holes in the corners of the opening of the Lamp Head.







7: For the Knob, you can just glue it in place, but if you plan to wear it as part of a costume, I suggest at least drilling a small hole and gluing in a piece of wire, or at best, drilling a hole and gluing in a screw for it to attach to the Lamp Arm.







8: Drill a 15/64” hole in each side of the Handle arms. Align the Handle on the body.  Remember that the Handle will be angled forward, towards the armor, and the holes for the bolt need to not hit the screws holding the 2 halves together, and need to be centered on the Outer Body half.  The holes should be just a hair under the screws that hold the halves together.  Use a 15/64” bit for this as well. Drill a 15/64” hole in the Lamp Arm where it will connect to the Lamp.







9: Drill a 1/8” hole in the marked spot on the Lamp Arm. Screw the Knob in place.







10: Prime the 2 Body halves and when dry paint them in your choice of green.  I used a Dark Green primer and then topped it with OD Green Paint.  Allow the paint to dry. Clear Coat the Lamp Body halves and allow to dry.







11: You can paint the other parts of the kit, but since they are supposed to be black anyway, and the parts are cast in black, I left them.  But it’s up to you.


12: Insert the 4 thin bolts into the 4 Vent Caps.  Do not glue it, you’ll need to tighten these screws later.







13: Next, slide the Front Vent into place on the screws.  You can glue the Caps into place on the Front Vent.  Just be careful not to get any glue on the screws.







14: Now slide the 6 Vents into place.  They have spacers cast into them.  If any of them are missing or not perfect, use the extra spacers included in the kit.  Stack them so they all face the Front Vent.  Use the 4 Spacers on the bottom of the screws to create a space between the Vents and the Lamp Body. 







15: Press the Switch into place.  It should click in, but may need some wiggling to get it flat.







16: Align and screw the Vent unit in place on the Lamp Head.  Tighten the screws a little at a time, working each screw a little, then moving to the next and so on.







17: Thread the 6” bolt into the Lamp Arm.  It should start on the side away from the flat Handle bottom. Then thread it into the Lamp Body and across the lamp and out the other side.  Then back into the other side of the Handle and then screw the Lamp Arm onto the bolt.












18: Screw the bolt through the arms of the Lamp Head and into the top of the Lamp Arm all the way through and into the included nut.  Don’t over tighten it.  Tighten it enough that the lamp will stay in place.







19: Seal up the Lamp Body with the 4 included screws.







20: You can weather the kit if you want.  But it’s up to you.







Otherwise, you’re all done!  Enjoy!

Completed Lamp 1

Completed Lamp 1

Completed Lamp 2

Completed Lamp 2

Completed Lamp 3

Completed Lamp 3








Don’t forget to also check out the optional Lamp Lighting Kit:

Lighting Kit

Lighting Kit








And the Armor Attachment Kit (coming soon).


If you ever have any questions about your item, or if a part should break, feel free to drop us a line.


And be sure to join up with your fellow Marines at www.colonialmarines.info and http://forum.alienslegacy.com/


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