IDW Gives Everyone Their Own Comic Book!!

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Ok, they didn’t really do that.  But, with an ever expanding library of titles, it does seem like IDW is releasing new titles every week.  Their newest?

Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls Issue 1

Suicide Girls Issue 1


This week, the Suicide girls released the first of a 4 issue mini series for IDW.

If you don’t know who or what the Suicide Girls are, you apparently haven’t been out much.

They’re a regular at Cons all over the US and around the world, they’ve published their own books (2 of them, with lots of pictures!), some videos (generally found on late night SkineMax), t-shirts, a hugely popular website, some apps, and now a comic!

So, what is a Suicide Girl?

On the surface, it’s just a group of hot girls with piercings and tattoos who like to show it off!

But underneath that, they’re all about empowerment of women and the expression of self without judgement.

They also take their clothes off a lot.

Suicide Girls have had cameo’s in other comics before, but this is the first time they’ve had their own title.

The first issue weaves a tale insinuating that Suicide Girls are a secret society that date back to ancient Egypt, and are all about defending women’s rights and are in a war with an evil secret society that is all about repressing everyone on the planet.

Obviously, the first issue is just setting up the universe for the later issues, so it’s hard to really judge where the story is going, but the fact that it’s for Mature audiences (they show boobies, so it’s NSFW!!), and it’s about the Suicide Girls, AND some of the actual Suicide Girls cameo in the issue, some with little bio data at the back means that if you’re a fan, this is a must buy.

Written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Missy Suicide and Brea Grant, drawn by David Hahn and inked by Cameron Stewart (go Cam!) the first issue tells the story of “Frank”, a misguided girl locked up in the Way*Of*Life Security Prison.  She gets broken out by the Suicide Girls who want to recruit her for a mission to rescue her friend Xenia.

Where the story will go from here, who knows?

But the first issue is worth the $4 price tag just for the Cam Stewart drawings of the actual Suicide Girls in the back of the comic.

It also doesn’t hurt if you actually know some of the girls.  Hi Radeo!

Suicide Girls with Spat

Spat and the Suicide Girls!


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