Amazicon 2013

4/5/13 - 4/7/13

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Amazicon is a new convention outside Philly. I got called and asked to be a guest to do some make-up, and they even gave me a table!




My first time having a table for myself at a con in YEARS!!!

Mini Spat Head!


The con had a raffle for a bullet hole. Here's the first winner!

One poor pastry that no one wanted....

Todd. 3D printing the day away!


Second raffle winner!

Darth Grievous. Of course, before his promotion he was just known as "Major Unbearable".

Nice drink menu!


I have decided that I will no longer wear white sock. I have burdened too long under the social "norm" and will now allow myself to go back to not caring. I also will not worry much about them matching anymore.



Todd slept in. No 3D prints for you!

Ecto 1A!


I'm very torn as to which is my favorite Batmobile. The '89 or the '66.

Starsky and Hutch car!

The General Lee!

One of the bonuses about doing this con is that it was close enough for Shawn to stop by. I needed to mold him anyway for an upcoming film, so we made it a little free floor show for the fans!


Veronica Carlson (Hammer Horror Queen) was seated near us and was absolutely fascinated by this process and kept coming by to ask questions and check out what we were doing!

The back.

Hand mold.

Amazing Bond Props!


In the afternoon, I did a quickie 30 minute make-up demo. Amanda was nice enough to be my victim for it!


Then she changed into a Slave Leia outfit and stopped by!





The Hotel Manager's daughter is an aspiring FX Artist, so I gave her a free make-over! She was ecstatic!

Later I expanded to 3 tables!

The hand casting in resin. Can't wait to clean these up and get to sculpting!!

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