Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter

Renaissance Pirate Ninja Faire



I know what you're thinking; A Wicked Winter Renaissance, Pirate, and Ninja Faire? What the...? I felt the same way, but wen they invited me to the con and gave me an hour to host a panel, who am I to say no? I really didn't think anyone at a Renaissance, Pirate and Ninja Convention would know who the hell I was, but I was assured that people at the con knew me. So, Drew and I hopped in the SpatMobile and drove to Jersey to check it out. And when Drew and I got there, I was shocked to see so many familiar faces.

I like how they stick me after the Slave Dancer! How do I follow that!?!?

Ghost girl!!

Ghost Drew!!

Corporeal Drew!

And since I know you would all hate me if I didn't post these pics, here's Mara, Viking Slave Dancer.

More Viking Slave Dancer.

Still more Viking Slave Dancer.

And finally, a few more pics of the Viking Slave Dancer. Big thanks to Joe for taking all the pics.

And here's Joe's chair. Had the camera not stopped flashing, I'm sure Joe would have taken another hundred or so pics of Mara, Viking Slave Dancer.

Bumped into Little1 there. She's at all the cons these days!

Me and Little1.

Me at my panel. It was basically an hour of me telling crazy stories of my escapades. And hawking my DVDs.

And then selling the DVDs!

Me, Joe and his new DVD.


Big thanks to Tony for getting me this shirt. It was a huge hit with everyone at the con!!

Part of a dress.

Then Drew got me into the stocks and had me whipped. And somehow while being spanked, the Cat-O-Nine Tails swung around and got me in the nipple!

Then we got Drew in the Stocks, and for some reason, his wrists didn't fit!

And then Szylvia spanked him.

After the con, we headed to the Con Hotel and hit some room parties. Big thanks to Jamie from In His We drank a lot of his liquor. :)

Me and Little1 at the party.

And Drew and some mostly passed out girl on the sofa.

Well, that's it for now, I really had no idea what to expect from a Con like this, but I had a HUGE blast, and am looking forward to the next one! Hope to see you there!


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