A Harbor House Pictures Production


I was called by Mike May to do some make-up on a Music Video he was was directing. It's a really funky cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star". With blood. Here are some production pics:


First up was taking Veronica and making her look dead from a machete blow to the neck. A little toilet paper and latex goes a long way.

A little make-up and coloring...

And finally some blood gel and she's ready for the next step.

As she gets dragged through the woods, Mike wanted some scratches on the arms and bruises on the wrists.

Jenny had to drag Veronica through the woods for about an hour. It took many takes to get all the coverage needed. I felt really bad for both girls. Jenny for having to drag someone over and over again...

...And Veronica for being dragged and having to end up plopped over this log time and time again. Ouch.

With blood added to the neck wound, it looks really gruesome.

Veronica has a huge problem with blinking as soon as the picture is snapped.

Jenny prefers hamming it up. Don't tell her about the big spider sitting on her shoulder in the pic.

On one take, a twig actually tore the entire appliance right off Veronica's neck, so I had to do a quick clean-up and re-apply a new one.

Slumped. Again. That poor girl's back.

Finally, Veronica got a break, and Mike stood in and poor Jenny had to drag him.

The Machete. Jenny had a lot of fun practicing swinging that baby. She actually bent the hell out of it!

And here is the final product of the hacking. Veronica's severed arm, which was actually molded from Sam's arm.

Back at the house, here are the leaves that were still left in Veronica's hair. She also had some scratches on her back, and a whole lot of dirt in her pants.

And here's Mike after the first set of shots are all done.



Day two, it was time to do the actual killing. Here's Veronica after the first Machete hit. The blood pump worked beautifully as usual.

And as usual, sprayed blood all over the floor, walls and ceiling. Oops. :)

She doesn't look happy, does she?

Mike looking very proud.

After Jenny drags Veronica's corpse out of the kitchen, this is Veronica's back. That's a lot of blood.

Veronica closing her eyes for a pic again.

And here's the cast and crew pic. Starting on the left, Veronica, me, Mike (the director), Sarah (DP), Travis (Producer and Composer), and Jenny.

Can't wait to see the final product!


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