"Tremors of the Force"


"Tremors of the Force" is a John Bardy Production. It's a Star Wars fan film being shot in and around New York. Spat was hired to act in the film, and also had to fill in for a day doing make-up.

For more information about the film, check out the Official Website.



Darth Moloch appliance. Sculpted by Eric, molded and cast by me!

And here's the Director, John!

Sam getting the place Greenscreened.

Tatiana checking out the set.

Tatiana in her Darth Salacious make-up.

Lisa getting Darth Valkyra make-up done.

And here she is in full glory.

We had to remove the neck make-up as she was having some sort of reaction to it there.

And finally, time to tear the place apart! You go, Sam!

Sadly, not one pic of me. :(




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