Entertainment Earth


Here are some Pictures of Star Trek Costumes and Props Iíve made or collected over the years. These props are not for sale. More to comeÖ


A "Phoenix Dagger" I picked up at a Con. But we all know it's a Klingon Dagger.

Here's a shot of my current Trek wall rack.

A Tricorder built from a kit that I picked up at a Con many moons ago.

Here's a Playmates "working" Tricorder I picked up on E-bay. A really nicely done prop.

Hereís me with another Klingon piece I made.

My friend Mike in a Klingon headpiece I made for him from Halloween many years ago.

Shot of the Phaser with itís removable mini Phaser.

Another shot of the Classic Phaser.

My two Star Trek Phasers. Both built from kits.

Hereís the Phaser Type 2 (at least thatís what I think itís called) from Star Trek V.

Voyager Holo-Emitter.


Before you email me your question, ask yourself, "Does the word 'E-Bay' answer it?"

90% of the e-mails I get are asking, "Where can I get X (costume or prop)?"

And the answer almost always is "E-Bay".

So let me save you the time, and remind you to check E-Bay first. Thank you.

If you have any OTHER questions, E-Mail me. Spat@-nospam-spatcave.com