The SpatCave Trailer's Page


Every so often, a film we've worked on actually releases a trailer, or (GASP) a DVD! So here's the simple, one stop shop for you to check them all out! Most recent at the top, oldest at the bottom:


Bad Kids Go To Hell - We supplied some of the Uniforms, props and all the FX Make-Up for the film.

Trenches - We supplied all the costumes, props, guns and FX Make-Up and many members of the SpatCave crew make cameos as soldiers!

The Adventures of Captain Bucky and His Space Marshals in Outer Space - Another SpatCave original!

Bullets over Brownsville - Supplied costumes, guns and blood work, and Spat plays a Detective!

The Creek - We supplied some gore and props.

Cross the Line - We supplied the costumes, props, guns and blood work and Spat and Tony play Detectives!

Pitching Lucas - We supplied some props and wardrobe parts as well as a Slave Leia costume and Gammorean Guard costume.

New York Minute - Supplied Props.

Deployment Strategy - We supplied some props and costumes for the production. You can check out the trailer and even buy it on DVD from their store!

Jedi House - SpatCave Studios actually produced, wrote, directed as well as starred in, and worked on the props, costumes and creatures in this faux trailer that was banned by Lucasfilm, Atom Films and many others!

Hardrock - We supplied props and costume parts to this, and Spat plays Michael Wright's Lawyer! This is also available on DVD!

Serial - We supplied some props, and costume parts to the project and then came in to do a slit throat make-up with some blood work.

Star Wars Revelations - We supplied all the Alien Creatures for this film, and Spat played a Biker Scout, TIE Pilot, Alien Ambassador, Annoying Drunk and the Emperor. You can download trailers and the whole film as well from this site!