"The Tower Protocol"


These are pictures from a film titled "The Tower Protocol"

"The Tower Protocol" is a Pete Giakoumis Production. It's a Spy film being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do props and special make-ups for the film. I was also asked to act as Agent 1 in the film. Here are some behind the scenes pictures.

"Smell my finger."

My bird is stronger than your bird!

The crew.

Heather getting silly.

John playing Mr. White II.

Agent 1 cutting loose.

Heather (Kassandra) and Richie (Agent 2).

Heather waiting for a bus.

Do I look scary or what?


"I see you sitting in this chair for a really long time..."

Trying not to laugh during this shoot was really tough. We all chipped in and tried to make Heather lose it during most takes. :)

How long has it been since I've worn a tie?

"What's my line again?"

Ready for my close-up!


Update - 4/6/03

More scenes have been shot!

Agent 1 returns! Unfortunately, they called me in and forgot to tell me that they were shooting scenes that needed make-up, so I didn't bring any. So I had to make a run out to a few stores in the area to get what I needed!

Me with the Camera man, Vitaly.

Prepping the batch of blood.

Make-up application.

This is what happens when you make fun of me.

Smug Spat.


Last day of shooting for me! And here are the pics!

Waiting for my big scene.

Heather getting prepped.

Hey, even bad guys gotta eat.

Vitaly geared up.

Michelle the Boom Operator.

Tony hiding.

Waiting for the call to action!

Script girl extreme close-up!

Antagonist, Protagonist.

Mmmm... legs...

Pete, the Director and Associate Producer.

Me and Pete!

"Get your hand off my head!"

Richie leaving!

This was the wrap day, as soon as the trailer and film are ready, I'll post the info!

Whoops! Then came some pick-up shots!


Pete had asked me to make up a set of Night Vision Goggles. Of course, I only had one days notice, so I popped these out using whatever I had laying around the shop. Not bad for something I literally threw together in 20 minutes!

Why is it that Heather always ends up in bondage these days?

The agents waiting for the call.

And an untied Heather on her way home.


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