Star Wars Episode 2

Attack of the Clones

5/12/02 - 5/16/02


Well, it's that time again! Time for another Star Wars film!


Sunday we headed over to the Tribeca Film Festival for the Charity Premiere. A star-studded gala event featuring a squad of nasty Stormtroopers bossing everyone around.


Guests arriving for the show.

And then it came time for the Dark Lords to meet! Here's Zippy, Mary Alice and a Trooper (not sure which one) giving an Honorary Membership to the 501st to James Earl Jones (The Voice of Darth Vader!).

Mmmm... Star Wars Cookie....

Here we are in the "Green Room" stealing some snacks and taking a break.

Here comes the Gov!! New York Governor Pataki giving the business to Darth Zippy!

We all had a great time ushering people, saying hi to all the kids, and finally, being given the balcony all to ourselves so we could watch Episode 2 a week before the Premiere!!


And finally, the night arrived. The real Midnight First Showing of Episode 2, Attack of the Clones at the Zieg!

Here we are hanging around outside and abusing the people on the line!

Here I am being interviewed by AJ (see the Celebration 2 page for more info on him).

Eric making faces. What else is new?

Mental note: Never give the camera to Tony....

Fans getting ready for the midnight showing.

All of us hanging out in the front waiting for the lights to dim!

A girl actually studying before the show. What does she need to study for? Anakin is bad, Yoda is good, and Jango Fett no longer needs to shop for hats.

Dion kept annoying me about my Biker Scout helmet being discolored, so I decided to discolor his helmet! That's what he gets for leaving it unattended!

I also ate Popcorn out of it, then signed it!!

And this is a pic of Frank and me from the Daily News from Thursday May 16th 2002!


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