Sugar Daddies


So, I'm sitting in my house, minding my own business at 2 am on a Friday, when my phone rings. It's my friend Larry (He's a Producer whom I've worked on a few projects with), and he tells me to expect a call from Kevin (another producer I've worked with before). Kevin calls and tells me that he's filming a pilot dating show called Sugar Daddies, and the guy who is supposed to go out on the date cancelled at the last minute. So they need me to show up the next morning and go out on a date with this young girl.

How can you say no?

The premise of the show is 2 older men go out on a date with a young woman. One of the men is wealthy, and the other is not. And based on the dates that she goes on with each of them, she has to pick which one will be her Sugar Daddy.

The girl we were to date is Erika Smith. When I found out she was a model and actress, I was pretty sure I had already gone out with her a few times beforeand even lived together for a while, and wondered if it wouldn't be more prudent to just give her some money and walk away now so we could avoid the inevitable fight next year. :)

And here are some pics:



Here's the crew at the beach, waiting for Erika to be ready.

Larry was upset because he wasn't in the first shot, so he had to jump in.

Still waiting for Erika.

Patryk gets a hug.

Erika check out the boom.

Kevin, Erika and Chandler do their impression of an Oreo cookie.


Kevin and Erika.

Erika covering up at the beach,

And here's Erika pouting because they won't let her drive the Ferarri.

And here's me with my evil twin, Chandler.


On the way to the studio to film the final part of the show, including who Erika chooses to go out with again.

Me and the dating girl.

Rich, the host of the show.

Matt, the competition.

And finally, Kim, the PA.


Well, as soon as I have more info on the show, I'll let you know, as well as posting any clips I can steal from Kevin and Larry!



If you have any questions, E-Mail me.