Shore Leave

7/9/04 - 7/11/04


Well, once again it was time for Shore Leave in Maryland.

Kathy's back!

Me and Jo.

Shane trying to look cool. Keep trying.

Hector and Christy looking very happy.

Kathy calling for my Ambulance.

Jo and Dawn singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Look, I'm a princess!

Now that is a sweet costume.

Me and Victor.

Jon acting as a blocker.

Lori and Victor. Victor looks guilty for some reason.

Hector and Vince singing "

Rrok hanging at the bar. Rrok runs the "Spat Worship Webpage". Be sure to check it out, and send him more stories!


Earlier in the night, Andrea kept coming up and pinching my nipples. I asked her when I get to pinch hers, and she told me she was nurse, so it was ok. I asked her if it would be ok for me to pinch her nipples if I was a nurse, and she said yes. So....

I broke out the new costume! Naughty Spat Nurse! Sorry, it was a last minute thing, and this was all they had left at the costume shop!

Steve getting checked out!


Double breast exam with Rrok!


That's better. I think.

Chris gets his temperature checked.

Albin after his Barium Enema.

Rich with his Trooper Groupies.

Someone giving me a breast exam.

Kathy checking me for a Hernia.

Christy finds a use for Hector.

Hector finally gets what he's always been waiting for.

Albin and Kathy getting thier "Happy Engagement" cake.

Work it!

He's so pretty.

Kathy and Albin had a little cake fight. I guess Kathy lost.

Albin pointing out the con freak!

Chery gets a clean bill of health.

Jenny getting a check-up.

Michael Welsh (Joan of Arcadia) getting his physical.

Hortence gets a lower GI.

Me, Kathy and Rrok closing out the con!




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