Shore Leave

7/12/02 - 7/14/02

"On and on, reckless abandon.

Something's wrong,

This is gonna shock them."

-Blink 182



Well, headed out to Maryland this past weekend to see what all the buzz was about at Shore Leave. Man, am I glad I did!


Here's a little highlight video that Dion made of some of the antics that went on. (little, it's 6 freakin' megs!!)

Shore Leave Video


And never let Rrok give you a Cherry that's been soaking in 190 proof liquor for 6 months. You'll suddenly be able to be talked into anything!

Frank had just gotten back from Hawaii, and brought me a grass skirt and coconut bra. And I just couldn't wait to try it on! Damned Cherry. So I spent the next few hours as a Spula-Girl.

Apparently, my Coco-Boobs are utterly irresistible! Hector just can't get enough!

Neither can Dale! Dale Boob Grabbing me.

Or this little Sock Puppet. Who the hell wanders around a hotel with a sock puppet anyway? And why is it kissing me? A Sock Puppet Boob Grabbing me!

Making out with the puppet while Hector waits for a bus.

I'm just going to pretend that this picture doesn't exist.

All I know is that the next morning my nipples ached something fierce!

After wandering the halls for a while, we went back to the lobby. We were promptly kicked out. I decided to help carry the cooler, and as I picked it up, the whole thing spilled all over the floor.

I threw the beers and alcohol stuff back in, snapped a pic, and ran! Leaving Cami and Keith to clean up after me. Took them about a half hour, and 2 rolls of paper towels, but they got that floor nice and dry while I finished off whatever was left in the cooler. Thanks, guys!

Think the above pic is funny? Check out the VIDEO (Video coutesty of Christian, the FNG who followed me around all night with that camera hoping I would do something stupid. Boy did he luck out!). It's about 1.5 megs in an .avi format. Enjoy, it's the first Spat Video on the web!! More video to come now that I see how easy it is to post vids!!

After all was said and done, I finally stumbled back to my room for some piece and quiet. Unfortunaltely, Keith decided to bug me. Thankfully Christian got it all on video, so you can see how badly I was harassed! Watch closely, and you'll see Keith grab my boob. Listen closely, and you'll hear Keith quit the ECG!!

I Quit Video (A little over 1 meg)

The next day I wandered down to see the con, and got attacked by some more Klingons. What is it with me and Klingons?

Then it came time to head to the parties. The Pirates were holding their "BLT" Party. That's Bathing suits, Lingerie, or Toga. Well, I didn't want to wear a bathing suit, had no Lingerie, but I did have access to a bed sheet in the room! So that meant it was time to dress up as.....


Some dancing going on at the BLT party! Snapped the pic, and got thrown out!! How did I know there are no pictures allowed at a BLT Party? It's my first Shore Leave!!

So I headed back up to the room to change into my "Secret Costume".


Frank decided to borrow the Hula outfit, and wear it over his Trooper Gear. I guess he needed to slow down, earlier that day he dove into the pool in full Trooper Gear.

Michele helped me out and cut the front of my costume. So my Spadme Gimeadolla costume was complete.

While wandering around that night, Hector and some of the other Starfleet guys wrote me a song and played it!! So I had my own theme song for the night!

And here's Rrok's Wyte Lioness. She absolutely loved the costume!

Spat like Sushi. Here's Zippy in a fishy costume. Zippy the Fishhead Boob Grabbing me.

These ladies liked me so much, I couldn't get rid of them all night!! Not that I would ever try! Michelle, Marielle and Jennifer kept complaining that each time this picture was taken, one of them had their eyes closed. So we had to take it three times. Look at the above pics. ALL THEIR EYES ARE OPEN IN EVERY PICTURE!!! I think they just liked being close to me.

Michelle getting into the swing of things, and getting down with the Coco-Boobs!

The combo-plate - Jennifer in the grass, and Michelle with the nuts!

And a shot of two of our favorite Con Virgins, Marielle and Jennifer. Jennifer finally in the full Hula costume.

I tell you, I never so wanted to be a pair of Coconuts in my life, but after seeing how easy it was to get these girls to wear it, I was really jealous!!

Dale, me and Matt!! The odd thing about my costume was that while sitting normally, the top would pop up flashing my boobies. If I pulled it down to cover my Man-Bosums, then I got a nasty wedgie!

We headed down to 10 Forward, the big dance party at Shore Leave. I got to watch Keith doing his "Fists of Fury" dance. Pretty scary.

While there a girl came up to me and told me her boyfriend had this obsession with Padme, and she wanted to know if I would go bother him. I'm not the type to ever say no, so I walked up behind him. The way I approached him he couldn't see my costume, and I asked him if it was true that he had a Padme fantasy. He said yeah, so I turned him around and told him "Well, your dreams have come true, take me, big boy!"

Needless to say he freaked when I started dancing in front of him. He told me that I had totally ruined him. That he would never be able to think of Padme Amidala again without getting an image of me in his head. I'm always happy to help!

After 10 Forward and the Rave, we headed back up to the bar for some more drinks before Last Call.

After we got kicked out of the bar (again), and then out of the lobby (again), a lot of people went to sleep. I wandered down to a room party with Victor.

There I found this girl. Ouch. At least she rubbed it for luck! Strange girl Boob Grabbing me.

I have no idea what this shot was for, but at the time it seemed like a really good idea!

The next day we headed out to Friendlies for lunch. I went out with Matt and Dale to have a smoke, and accidentally left my camera unattended!

And here we have the evidence of what goes on when I leave the room!! Rich and Zippy make stupid faces.

Spend a lot of time examining the menu.

Cheralyn and Cami make faces.

Man, how bored were these guys?

Is that a Love Tester?

Playing the "Let's see what crap we have to waste more of Spat's film" game.

Cami and her Lego Clone Pen.

And finally, the shot we were all waiting for.... Chapstick!


And here's Christian's Thank You and Goodnight Video. (Less than a Meg)


Did you notice that I got not one Boob Grab shot? Well, aside from everyone Boob Grabbing me!!


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