My "Screen Used Prop" Collection

Here you'll find some pictures and info about some props that I own that were used in actual films. These items are generally not for sale, but occasionally I am willing to part with something for the right price, or the right trade.

I am always on the lookout for new screen used props and wardrobe. If you have something for sale, and you have documentation verifying that it was used in a film, contact me.

Ripley's patch from the original Alien film. (SOLD)


I got this as a gift, it's a Floor Tile used in the mini Sulaco model from Aliens.
Backpack from Alien: Resurrection, also used in Space: Above and Beyond.
Prop Spear from Amazon Women on the Moon.
Prop Newsday paper from Armageddon.
Prop Daily News paper from Armageddon
Mecha leg from A.I. (SOLD)
Two prop One Hundred Dollar Bills from when the Joker is tossing out the bundles of money in Batman.
Two Wall Decoration pieces from Battlefield Earth. (SOLD)
A set of Slave Shackles also from Battlefield Earth. (SOLD)
Blood pumping sword hilt from Blade. (SOLD)
Ryan Reynolds stunt pistol from Blade Trinity. (SOLD)
Kit Ramsey's Face Paddle.
A Drill Tip from Deep Impact. (SOLD)
The Civilian Shelter Sign In Sheet.
Emergency Preparedness Booklet from Deep Impact. (SOLD)
Grenade used in the film Doom.
A Time Card with teeth punches at the bottom.
Part of the original Police Uniform from the Fifth Element. (SOLD)
Another part of the original Police Uniform. (SOLD)
Sarris' knife from Galaxy Quest. (SOLD)
Bad guy rifle. (SOLD)
Shopping bag from Galaxy Quest .
Miner Helmet from John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars. (SOLD)
Three Whomalians from The Grinch.
Two Whobilation 1000 Banners. (SOLD)
T-shirt from The Guru.
Prop Agent Locator that actually lights up, from Hellboy,
Pair of sheaths used by Kroenen in Hellboy. (SOLD)
Kroenen's original Mask. (SOLD)
Fingerprint Scanner. (SOLD)
Young David's Bloody Knife. (SOLD)
Stunt Pistol and Badge from I, Robot. (SOLD)
Police Helmet from I, Robot.
Phone booth from Judge Dredd.
Keyboard used in the film Men In Black 2. (SOLD)
Two Canned Tornados from Mystery Men.
Cassanove Frankenstein's Case File from the Erie Asylum. (SOLD)
MVA Swat Uniform from The One with Jet Li.
 SWAT Team Vest and Helmet worn by Jet Li.
Another gift, a Wall Hanging Plate from Practical Magic.
Stunt Scoped Rifle from Red Dawn. (SOLD)
Practice Sword from Robin Hood. (SOLD)
Stunt Shotgun from Romancing the Stone.
Two Vases from The Scorpion King.
An 6' by 5' Tapestry from The Scorpion King.
   Stop Cloning Flier from the 6th Day.
   Re-Pet Order Form from the 6th Day.
Backpack from Space: Above and Beyond. Also used in Alien: Resurrection.
Prop Detonator from Space: Above and Beyond. (SOLD)
Original prop grenade from the show.
Stunt Rifle.
Stunt pistol.
Tank Cargo Manifests from Space: Above and Beyond.
Spider cages used in the infamous scene in Spider-Man.
Stunt Grenades and Pouch from Starship Troopers.
A full set of "B" Mobile Infantry Armor. Right now it's all badly in need of repair. More pics once I get it all back together again.
Kobe's death armor from Starship Troopers 2.
Original Phaser Rifle used on Star Trek Next Gen and Deep Space 9.
A Liberator Newspaper from Van Wilder.
Swat Helmet from Triple X.




If you have any questions, E-Mail me.