Sci-Fi Cafe Night


A new place just recently opened in New Haven, Connecticut called the Sci-Fi Cafe. Well, you know we had to go check it out. Some of my friends had already been there, and the owners, Danielle and Anthony invited them back anytime, especially if they show up in costume. So here we are!!


Here's the outside of the place.

Here's me in the bug suit with John in armor, and the owner of the Cafe, Danielle. Scott is in the background, hiding.

An Imperial Shake-Down in progress.

"Turn off that camera, or the Bug gets it!"

I would sit like this outside the door (freezing my tail off) and when people would walk by I would jump at them. Childish I know, but fun as hell!

Bug wandering the street.

"Does your armor chafe around the... 'genital' area?"

We went wandering the streets that night attacking people who were on line to get into other clubs, and then we would send them over to the Sci-Fi. We're so evil.

"This is not the bar you're looking for."

Scott trying to look all buff.

Ooohh... Blurry.

Why are some of these people wearing Pajamas outside? Like we should talk, look what we were wearing.

Me helping the people in the cafe lose thier appetite.

"What's that strange smell inside the head?"

One false move and the girl gets it!

Finally someone licks the Bug!!! The night is not complete until the Bug gets licked!


We also ended up on an Internet Radio Show called CT Ultra Radio, and ended up with our pics on


And if you need any more info on the Sci-Fi Cafe, click here! And be sure to tell them that Spat sent you!


If you have any questions, E-Mail me.