Resident Evil Night


Resident Evil. Zombies. Blood. Guts. Evil nasty things. You gotta love it.

So when the film premiered a party was held at Webster Hall. Eric and I decided to attend the party.... DEAD!

And here are the pics:


Eric getting ready.

OH MY GOD!! What happened to your eye?!?!?! Really nice make-up job by Eric.

Night of the Living Spat! Make-up by me!

Eric posing with Mila Jovovich.

And the famous, "Undead Barflys".

Eric and I attacking Ilana Powers, the Webster Hall E-Mail girl.

Finally! Something to eat! This girl worked there and followed me around all night with a tray of cheese. And you know how much I love cheese. So she was my bestest friend that night. Mmmm, cheese girl....

"Send more Zombies...."

Checking out the ladies of Webster Hall.

Well, if you're going to pay the cover, then spend $8 on a beer, you might as well have things like this to look at!

In the land of the blind, he with one eye is King.

Venus and a friend in the Private back room.

Chicks dig the one-eyed guy!

Cheese girl and the Mad Scientist.

Attacking the girls on the couch!

This was really cool, but the flash ruined it. This girl was all painted up in glow paint (as you can see in the second photo) and doing Yoga in the dark under a black-light. Pretty cool!

Zombie Eric!!

It's those girls again!!

Undead Boob Grab!

Venus on stage for the fashion show!

"Those are men, baby!!"

Goth fashion show!

Gotta love it.

Mmmm... freaky girls....

Eric scaring the straights.

And these two girls we stole out of a cab. They were alongside us in a taxi when Eric realized he knew one of them. So we pulled them over, snagged them and gave them a ride home. Well, we're polite Zombies.


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