"Pitching Lucas"


"Pitching Lucas" is a Shane Felux and Panic Struck Productions Star Wars Fan Film that Shane and Dawn put together for the Atom Films "George Lucas Selects" Contest. Shane asked the SpatCave to supply some costumes, props and Alien Creatures. Some had to be custom made...


First, he wanted a Gamorrean Guard costume. So we had to make the entire suit, from head to toe.

A Sumo Wrestler costume made the base. Doesn't Eric look cute!?!

Next we needed to sculpt the mask. Since the mask is huge, we needed to build a base to sculpt on.

Rather than use a ton of clay in the sculpt, I decided to block out the basic shape of the mask in cardboard and newspapers.

This was slowly built up using staples and hot glue to hold it together until we had a base shape that would only need a half inch or so of clay.

And then Eric went to work with the clay, and sculpted this!

Super sweet.

Then came molding.

And then, when the mold was ready, it was time to cast the mask in latex. This took a few days to fully cure as we needed it thick due to the huge size.

And here's Tony modeling the Sumo suit so we could figure out how much padding we would need in it.

For the armor plates on the costume, I sculpted them in clay, and then molded them in plaster, and cast them in gray latex, which I then painted.

Here's Tony wearing the raw latex mask.

Base paint coat.

The vinyl costume parts weathered up.

Mask, still being painted.

The mask was so big, that it had to be lined with foam to keep its shape.

The latex shoulder piece.

The basic costume coming together.

The painted and detailed mask. Tony did an amazing job on it, down to the Silicone caulk used for drool.

The Sumo suit being painted.

A few more pics of the mask.

The axe, which was carved from a foam sheet and then painted. I wanted to make sure it was light weight.

And here is the final costume. Eric made the hands and feet and brought them to the set separately, so we never got to get pics of them.

Shane also wanted the badges for the DIPs Troopers made.

So we had this baby custom made.

And then I embroidered the patches for the costumes as well.

We also made a Jabba style Hookah pipe.

Here it is almost finished. Apparently it didn't get used in the film.


We also supplied a bunch of Alien costumes and masks (mostly the same stuff we used in Revelations), as well as the Slave Leia Costume.

Be sure to check out Pitching Lucas and vote for it in the contest!



If you have any questions, E-Mail me.