The Village Halloween Parade 2001

And The Craziness That Went On Afterwards...



Another Halloween, and another night out marching in the Village Parade with the Empire City Garrison!! I took over one hundred pictures that night (thank God for Digital Cameras!!), and here they are!!


So far, these are pics from Drew and I. And some new pics are from Bern.


Eek!! An Alien! This was taken at Planet Hollywood where we had dinner before the Parade.

Here's Victor in my Snowtrooper armor.

Mmmm... Snowflake girls....

Mmmm... Nordic Ice Chicks....

No idea what that was.

"And this is called a 'Steering Wheel'."

Hit the button by accident. My bad.

Some of the Empire City Garrison members getting ready for the Parade.

Keith and his broken bucket.

Here are some shots of the big Parade floats. Some are hard to see, but they were some really cool ones.

Next time I'll try and get closer to get better pics.

Uhh... I'm gonna blame hitting the button by accident again. Lots of bad pics that night. :)

Don't know what she was supposed to be, but that extra mouth intrigues me.

This fat, hairy beast sat on my car and got his hairy butt juice on my hood!! Eewww!!

Nice shot of the main parade.

Never hold Halloween on a full moon!!

Lance in his USA Trooper armor.

Eric as Darth Maul cruising around with his boss. Talat is in the driver's seat, and amazingly, he didn't run over anybody!!

Mikey on Patrol!

Troopers escorting my car.

A shot of the parade route.

Whirled Peas!!

Angel chick.

"Hey, I'm walkin' here!!

The celebratory "helmet off" march.

Some wierdos on the train.

And here is where we held the "after party"... The Cutting Room. Note the fire swalloer in the window.

Some German chicks who had never seen Star Wars!

Cleopatra, one of our waitresses!

That's a back shot of the Sword Swallowing chick (we'll be getting to more pics of her in a minute.. be patient).

Vic and a Brazilian girl.

Our Biker Chicks, Lynn and Cheralyn.

Drew with Lynn.

Sexy Cowgirl waitress.

Eric with another waitress. Don't know what she was supposed to be.

Me and the unknown costumed waitress.

Vic with her. Damn, she gets around...

Frank with the Hippie Chicks.

Our other uncostumed waitress.

Die Vulcan scum!!

Arrgghhhh! Forgot he had that ability!! I shall have my revenge!

Frank pretending to be an Angel. Is anyone buying this?

Their hands were everywhere... I feel so used. :(

Yeah, right!!

Spud and Victor paying off the Cowgirl.

"It's ok, no one will be able to tell it's me sticking money in her pants, it's not like I have a recognizable tattoo or anything..."

Spud attempting to have "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

A little top and bottom action of Drew and Lynn.

Fire Department Memorial.

What party would be complete without a table dancer?

And what table dance would be complete without a friend?

Vic and the Cowgirl.

I don't know what she's supposed to be, but I like it.

See, the key to Halloween is not what you wear, it's what you don't wear.

This girl was great, just light a match, or carry around a screen door, and she'd follow you all night. Gotta love the Moth girls.

Yet another Cowgirl. Was this the year of the Cowgirl or what?

I know her hat says "Princess", but I'm thinking it should say "Dunce".

The Maid and the Dunce.

Our uncostumed waitress striking a pose.

Olive Oil and Half Naked Girl.


Here we go, a Girl Gone Wild and a Freudian Slip!!

No costume, but we'll let her slide this time.

The Trashy Schoolgirl look is always welcome.

Not only are they out of costume, but they're out of focus!!

"Hihowarya, hihowarya..."

"Are you the Male, or the Female of the species?

Ren Rat.

Pretty Butterfly.

Ohh, scary!

Checking out the sleeping babe!

Later in the night, I ditched the Biker Scout costume, and jumped into Bug gear. Then I jumped into the window and danced with the window girls.

Scary darkened Bug pic.

Revenge! Phaser's don't work on Aliens!

Let's count, shall we? We'll call it "How many girls will kiss or lick a strange Alien?" Kisser Number 1.

Don't know what they were supposed to be, but they liked to hug.

First she runs, then she hugs, then she licks. Kisser Number 2, and first Boob grab.

Madonna and Gwen.

"Naughty Bug, take that!"

Kisser Number 3. Second Boob grab.

Medusa, and the Third Boob grab.

Vic and the girl that kept grabbing my crotch no matter what costume I was in.

Don't know what they were supposed to be.

Vic in my Biker Gear. I guess he likes to wear my sweaty clothes.

Looks like a scene from some famous Cantina...

Sword Swallowing Girl (because I know you've been waiting so patiently).

"Down in Front!!!"

Fourth Boob grab. Actually, she grabbed my hand and put it there, so does that actually count?

Me on stage winning the costume contest and getting my tail pulled. Hey, whatever you have to do to win!

"Choke the Flashdancer!!"

Me and the unhappy, uncostumed waitress.

Getting my tail stroked by the other waitress.

Here she is getting a foot massage from Spud. Nice use of negative space, Drew.

Cleopatra out of costume.

Xena chick, and Boob grab number 5.

She's not in costume, but she liked playing with the tail, and she is Boob grab number 6.

"Let's see how far up your nose I can stick this... it's called 'Nasal Sex'." And boob grab number 7.

Xena chick digging the tail big time, and Boob grab number 8.

Drew mooning us as he left for the train.

And here's some horny girl he met there.

And finally, a shot of the Full Moon.


Please note: Except where noted, all Boob Gropage is only an illusion.

No Boobs were actually harmed in the taking of these pictures.


If you have any questions, E-Mail me.