Here are some pictures of props, costumes and FX stuff Iíve built or bought that really donít fit in any other category. Iíll also be posting instruction on how to build your own set of Vampire fangs, as well as gory body parts made out of latex very soon.

These first few props were pretty easy to make. Just find a willing victim, a hacksaw, and you're good to go...

It's the clean-up that can sometimes be a problem....

Just lay out some plastic sheeting, and keep plenty of paper towels on hand, and you should be fine.

I made this head out of a skull model kit, cheese cloth, liquid latex and some fake blood. Just dip the cloth in the latex, spread over the skull, and then paint when it dries. Add some glass eyes, and you're all set.

Nice shot of the spinal area. Ewww, gory....

Tony's hand. Hacked at the wrist. He put up much less of a fignt than I expected...

Ahh, the whited out eye effect. Another classic.

Here's Mikey as "The Sandman" for Halloween '99.

By the end of the night he had broken the gun, the gas mask, and I didn't get the gloves back for about 8 months. God only knows what he did with them...
A really nice Airsoft Robocop pistol. Fires pellets and everything.

Predator Environmental helmet with LED targeting lasers. A really nice piece. Acquired in a trade.


And my next project, a full head Predator mask. Needs a lot of work, but I'm up to it. Acquired in a trade.
Predator Spear.
Predator Disk Weapon.

Predator Spear Tip I picked up at a Convention.

Terminator CPU Chip I picked up online.

Terminator Bust. Won as a door prize.

Terminator Endo-Arm.
Terminatrix Head.
Pussy Wagon Keychain.
Matchbook from Constantine.

Blade Mac 11. Scratch built by me!! Except for the M11A1 part, that's an airsoft.

Blade Spikes. Made by Exedge.

Blade Sword and Scabbard. These are the official Licensed versions, got them both on E-Bay.

Blade Glaive. Acquired on E-Bay.
Blade Spikes in holster.
Blade 2 style smaller Spike.
Vampire Key from Blade 2.

Blade EDTA Dart.

Foosh Gun from the 6th Day.

Rocketeer Helmet. Acquired on E-Bay.

Scorpion King Sword. Licensed version.

Alex Wakal's awesome "Mummy Key" and a pair of Scarabs. One is from Alex, the other I got a Con somewhere.

Mummy Scarab I got from Mike Creager at a Convention.

Alex's "Scorpion King Bracelet".

A Time Bandit's Map. A gorgeous piece that I'm still in the middle of weathering to make more like the actual prop.

And a Starship Trooper's Morita Rifle. Very nice piece, it's freakin' HUGE!
Indiana Jones Golden Idol.
Romancing the Stone Map.

Judge Dredd Lawgiver, Movie version.
Judge Dredd Lawgiver, Comic Book version.

Kelly bumper sticker and pin from X-Men.

ID Badge.

Pumpkin Bomb Close-up.
Pumpkin Bomb and ID Badge from Spiderman, and Spidey Web shooter from the old TV Show.

Spider Man Daily Bugle Newspaper.
Police Pistol.
Key from the Fifth Element.
Kryptonite Bullet and Lana's Necklace.
Flashback Necklace.
Ship Key and Kryptonite bullets from Smallville.
Golden Ticket and Wonka Bar from Willie Wonka!
Sauron's Severed finger from Lord of the Rings.
Jay and Silent Bob's Blueprints from Mallrats.
Noisy Cricket from Men in Black.
Kroenen Mask.

Hellboy's Samaritan.
Kroenen's Blade.
The Fist of Doom.

Original series Blaster Pistol.

New style pistol from Battlestar Galactica.

Vogon Desk Set.

Zaphod's pistol.

Marvin's pistol.
Pair of coins from Pirated of the Caribbean.

Fight Club Soap and Business Card.

Zamunda Bill from Coming to America.

Hellraiser Puzzle Box.

Blade Runner PKD Pistol.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Pistol.

Galaxy Quest Nebulizer made from a kit I picked up on E-Bay.

And click here to see pics of past Halloween Costumes


Before you email me your question, ask yourself, "Does the word 'E-Bay' answer it?"

90% of the e-mails I get are asking, "Where can I get X (costume or prop)?"

And the answer almost always is "E-Bay".

So let me save you the time, and remind you to check E-Bay first. Thank you.

If you have any OTHER questions, E-Mail me.