New Years Eve



Well, another year has come and gone. I couldn't decide what to do for New Years this year, it was too late to throw a party of my own, and I hasten to go out to a club or a bar, since I know I'll be blind, stinking drunk by the time the ball drops and the drive home would be bad. My friend, Fin, had told me about a party at Albin and Kathy's house, but it was in South Carolina (and I'm in NY, a 12 hour drive away), so that wasn't much of an option. I had basically resigned myself to staying home with Belle and watching the ball drop on TV. December 31st, while talking to Fin, she mentioned how shocked and freaked out Kathy, Albin, and everyone else at the party would be if I actually did show up, being that I wasn't invited, and lived 750 miles away. So right then I knew what I had to do. 7am the next morning, Belle and I were in the SpatMobile, and on our way to South Cakalaki! I'm sorry, but shock value is a very noble cause.

Fin had been sneaking away at various times on New Years Eve to call me and give me more detailed directions to the party when I got closer. Kathy had caught her, and asked who was coming. Fin told her "Jesus" was on his way. So they started a poll to see who could figure out who Jesus was. Little did I know, but another friend of mine from NY, Natalie, had also decided at the last minute to make the trip to the party. She flew of course, too bad we didn't plan it better. She was code named "Mary".

Here's the list of the top runners. Notice that I'm not even on the list. Apparently, my name did come up, but I was quickly dismissed since everyone knows I almost never leave my house.

Belle quickly made herself at home, and was soon being stalked by the house cats, "Trooper", and "Groupie". They couldn't figure out what Belle was.

Here they are being introduced by Cheralyn.

Fin holding Belle while Trooper and Groupie watch. Everywhere Belle went, the cats followed. That is until she teamed up with Kathy's dog and together they gave the cats a run for their money.

Ewww, multi backwash!

Kathy and Belle!

The puppet was a gift I picked up for the house. Sorry, but there are some slim gift choices at truckstops along I-95.

Later, we played Dirty Word Pictionary. I don't know what Natalie is trying to draw, but it sure is dirty.

Belle licking Albin. Poor dog, who knows what she'll catch.

I don't really want to know what Albin and JP are doing here.

On the way to the party from Atlanta, Julie and JP got a fake marriage certificate out of a vending maching in a truck shop. So they decided to get married at the party. And since I'm an Ordained Minister, they asked me to conduct the ceremony.

I'm not 100% sure what kind of freaky speach I gave, but I'm sure it was interesting.

It's sad that I'm generally pretty good at Ad Lib when I'm drunk, but without someone taking video, I never know what I said the next day.

Though I did get comments all night and the next day about how funny my speach was.

From now on, I'm going to have someone follow me around with a video camera at all times.

The happy couple.

Group hug!

Belle, still being stalked by the cats.

Natalie smothering my dog.

And finally, a New Years kiss for Belle.




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