New Years Eve 2006



Well, instead of throwing a party at my house and having to deal with cleaning up and repairing broken doors the next day, we decided to roll over our Toshi party credits from the busted Halloween party into his New Years Eve party. So Drew, Tony and I heading into the city to ring in the new year at the Toshi party.

Big thanks to Tony for snapping the pics all night for me!

Yes, the girls working at the party (called Toshettes) are just wearing body paint and panties. Toshi throws some wild parties.

Me! Weeee!

The Toshettes who spend the entire party sitting on these two beds giving massages all night. What kind of morons get a massage in the middle of a New Years Eve party?

Oh, that's right, Drew and I are those kinds of morons.

Massage time. No talking!

Massage. And more massage.

Party shot inserted to show the passing of time.

And we're spent.

Drew and me at Table E.

Me and Toshi, our host.

Some party shots.

Me and Tony.

Me and Drew.

Drew and Tony. There, I think that's all the combinations.

Tony making me talk to his hand.

"Look at my phone... It's soooo cool..."

Some party shots.

Camera guy covered in silly string.

A little girl on girl action.

Our bartender.

Drew and I with our Toshettes.

Party shots.

A shy Toshette.

There's always one girl passed out, face down on the table soon after the ball drops. It's a tradition!

Table E Rocks!!

Gratuitous butt shot.

And here's Drew and I with Brad Blanks from WPLJ! Big props to Drew for recognizing his voice.

After the Toshi party died down, we headed over to the Funkface Masquerade New Years Party.

And there we bumped into Ruby and Jenn.

After that, it was time to take a cab home and sleep! Another year come and gone, and from everyone here at the SpatCave, here's wishing you and yours a healthy and happy New Year!


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