Motor City '09

5/15/09 - 5/17/09



With my new position at Wizard World, I insisted that I get the chance to go to other convention to see how they do things, meet and greet, and get some new ideas on what we can do with our shows in the future. So they pay me to go to other conventions!

Motor City Con was coming up, so I made a few calls and headed out to Michigan to party on Wizard World's dime!

Playboy Playmate Tiffany Taylor meets the Dr. from Robot Chicken!

Some guy choking his chicken in the middle of the Convention!

Luciana Carro (Kat from BSG) shows off some fan art she was given!

Josie Lee models her new Gold Bikini!

I have no idea what this is.


It's right behind you!

R2s rock.

Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti - Star Wars) hard at work!

Now this would be the most awesome action figure 2-pack EVER!!

Richard and Josie!

Josie pretending that I'm Jabba the Hutt and choking me with her chain!

Doug Jones (Abe Sapien - Hellboy) knocks me out!

Harley Quinn and Joker!

Richard bringing me a drink?

And not accepting any money for it? Something must be amiss! Ahh... I forgot that I'm the guy that books guests for all the Wizard World conventions!

Rickard is the Mac Daddy! Or is that the Mott Daddy?

Yeah, he's her boss. The Admiral is always right!

Showing off my new business card.

Armed and drunk!

Theron takes a card!

Foot massages through a giant boot!

Yeah, that's just wrong.

Your clothes. Give them to me.

Rock it!

Mike Hogan (Col. Tigh - BSG) gets his game on.

Theron looks nervous.

Well, at least he's wearing my "SP@" button on his hat!

Dennis and Jamin make a new friend!

Luciana gets mad that I call her an Infantry Pilot.

John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville) takes me out while Chanel Ryan (BASEketball, Hobgoblins 2) watches.

Froggy and Luc get shocked!

Me and my posse.

Luc and Pete!

Don't give her a gun!!

Luc and Theron!

Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager) back hands me!

Me and Derek!

Derek with Pete!

Theron likes to poke men.

Luc and Mike!

Cathy St. George (Playboy Playmate) with Jamin.


Doug Wangler (Quinlan Voss) with Dennis.

Richard reading a Wizard Magazine!

And then Yancy Butler (Witchblade) decked me.


Well, overall a great weekend. I got to meet up with a whole lot of my old friends, as well as meet plenty of new ones. And Wizard World paid for it!



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