Mardi Gras 2001

2/22/01 - 3/02/01


Well, here we are again. Mardi Gras in New Orleans. A huge celebration full of freaky people, freaky costumes, freaky food, and beads.

This time, we had a few more people coming down with us. As usual, it was me, Juan, and Mikey, but we also managed to drag along Drew, and Regina.


We drove down in 2 cars, leaving New York just after a snowstorm, and just before another was due to hit. The ride down is supposed to take about 22 hours, but we did it in a mere 34. That's right, 12 extra hours of driving slow due to the weather, blow outs, and just messing around in malls and stores the whole way down. I originally wanted to post these pics in chronological order, but abandoned that thought pretty quickly. And since I am waiting for one more batch of pics from Reg, check back soon to see the newest ones.

All told, we took over 1,000 pics, so, without further ado, here they are:


Our first stop (after we left my house) was 7-11 for some road supplies.
Like I said, it was snowing for the first leg of the trip, and we got to see a lot of really nice car and truck accidents.
Spat freezing his Spats off. Stopping for more supplies. Juan and Reg participating in some group oral hygene.
Waffle House has become our newest road trip tradition. Mmmmm... Texas toast and grits.....
At some point in the night, Juan and I lost control of our senses and let the girls drive. What were we thinking?
Somewhere near the Virginia border, we stopped in at a Walmart to goof off and pick up supplies. The others in the group got to watch me get escorted out of the store by Security and asked not to return. Why you ask? That's our secret.
The next day we hit Birmingham Alabama. And then something hit the two tires on the left side of my car and blew them out. Needless to say, I only had one spare (and a donut spare at that) so we were kind of screwed.
Luckily, Reg had her AAA card on her, and we got towed for free to a tire shop for replacements. On the way, the tow truck driver nearly rammed into the car in front of him at a light, then almost crashed into a dump-truck (also at a light), and then he almost ran over a dog that was in the street. After that I closed my eyes and just let him drive.
We got the tires repaired, and got a discount thanks to Drew. So, after about 2 hours of repairs, we were back on the road to New Orleans. Here's some info on Carnival and New Orleans.
First off, here are some of the places we hung out at while we were down there.
And here are some pics of the famous balconies of the French Quarter in Nawlins. Gotta have some normal shots to start off the list.
Some horses, both good ones (used by the cops), and bad ones (locked behind bars). A Cop fish. This is posted in front of the New Orleans Police station. No idea why. And lastly, some pics of Mardi Gras floats.
Here are some shots of some landmarks and of the streets of the French Quarter.
More street shots. Thank God we had Drew with us to take these. We would never waste film on shots of a streetcar.

Our first night in town, we hit a Burger King for dinner, and Drew learned how to haggle when someone wants his beads.

The second pic shows Drew returning to a more infantile state.

Drew standing with a NOPD Patrol Car.

Drew, Reg and Mikey standing in front of the Mighty Mississippi.

Me and in a chair while Reg tries to ignore us.

Me, REALLY needing to use the bathroom.

Me and Reg out drinking.

And me the next morning regretting all the drinking.

Always be careful how much you drink, you never know what you'll wake up next to....

Mikey trying to sneak away from Drew.

Mikey finally in control of the remote. His first step towards manhood.

Here are two wonderful pics showing the downside of living a deviant lifestyle. Bad Mikey!

Morning wood.

Mikey making it to the restroom. And then staying there for an hour.

Me and Mikey in bed together, but I swear nothing happened!

Mikey waking up in the far corner of the fold-out couch. Probably trying to stay away from Drew.... or me.

Mikey spread eagle on the couch-bed. Making damned sure that no one else can sleep next to him.

Or maybe he was just recalling how things were in the "Pokey"?

Ahh.. the Juan "Drool" series.

And he complains about me when I drool on his stuff...

Drool, drool, drool.

Ewww... wet pillow....

Reg getting changed behind the blanket.

The guy from across the hall. Waiting HOURS for his roommate to finish doing "The Nasty".

Caught by surprise while leaving the bathroom.

"Wanna see my boobs for those beads?"

And smooching with me.

"Go away, kid, you bother me."

Stuck out in the hallway to smoke because it's a "non-smoking room".

A nice group shot.


Seems like there were a lot of cartoon based costumes being worn down there.



with DUFF MAN!!

Mmmmm.... A wonderful Wonder Woman with Duff Man.

And a shot of her Wonder Butt.

Of course, after a week or partying, Wonder Woman wasn't looking quite as wonderful anymore...

with Captain Morgan.

Juan sleeping.

Juan with a strange "white, creamy substance" on his mouth.

Juan trying to wipe off the substance. They say it's good for the skin...

Juan learning to read. What a way to spend a vacation.
Everyone show off your tongue!! Juan, Drew, and I tongueing at the camera.

Reg wanting to stick out her tongue, but it's so un-lady like.

Mikey boycotting the whole "tongue endeavor."

In front of the Playboy Limo with Juan, Mikey and two broads they picked up.

Mikey got Jungle Fever!

Spat got Saigon Headache!

Little kids throwing beads off a balcony. They really do start them young down there.

It was scary when the little kids started flashing...

Mikey with the big, scary lion.

Mikey with his new hat. We ribbed him for a long time about that.
For the Scavenger hunt, one of the items was a pic of three sets of beads on one of the Crucifix's that the Jesus Freaks carry was worth 100 points.

A Crawfish.

FOOTBALL MAN!! He was a left over from a set of broken beads, and he soon worked his way into our hearts and became our little mascot.

Some of the homeless of the French Quarter.

trying Crawfish for the first time.

"Eat me, I'm a little Crawfish, eat me!"

She didn't like it.

Mikey eating shrimp. That's right, shellfish being eaten by Mikey.

We have the proof. He can never deny it again.

Reg eating her big bowl of Crawfish.

The back of Mikey's head.

Mikey finally sticking his tongue out.

Reg hiding under her "Blanket of Protection"!!

Reg laughing at Juan trying to read.

Spat smiling evily.

Wiener Mobile!!

I wonder if anyone took this guy up on his offer?

Here are two of the local Robot Men in the French Quarter.

The Pot Heads!

Girl KISS.

And here we are at the Playboy.Com Balcony. Where the bunnies throw beads down to the hungry throngs of drunk losers.

The Playboy beads were quite the hot commodity of the week. You have no idea what people were willing to do for them. :)

The girls flashed, but wore pasties. What a gyp.

I have a list of places I like to spend my time. Lucky Chengs isn't one of them. But we did have a great time that night.

Drew and Mikey had to finish their drinks before they could come in.

For those of you that don't know, Lucky Chengs is a place where men dress as women and put on lounge shows. They also like to pull people out of the audience and strip them down. Not that Mikey seemed to mind...

In fact, he seemed like he really got into it.

So much so that the He/She didn't quite know what to make of him.

And for those who may complaing about nudity on my website, the 2 pics above contain a MAN with breast implants. So technically, it's just a pic of a topless guy!

Mikey strutting and letting it ALL hang out.

Check out the package on..... well.... IT.

One thing you should probably never do at Lucky Chengs is to stick your tongue out. You're just asking for trouble.

Then it was Drew's turn. He at least knew enough not to get out of the chair. Another He/She strutting for room.

Me, laughing at Mikey and Drew.

"No, bad touch!"

Another... it.

Mikey wondering if they're real.

But not willing to reach up and find out fo sure...

Drew getting abused again.

Mikey. So close to copping a feel....

Here are some shots taken from a balcony of Bourbon Street.

"I see... NAKED PEOPLE."

"What are YOU staring at?"

Some freaky girl in front of the Playboy balcony going wild for beads.

Would you believe that we actually bumped into two guys we knew from college?

And this is in the middle of one and a half MILLION people crowded onto Bourbon Street.

AND, they both live in California. Go figure.

Here's one of the few full group shots we have.

Hanging out at Razzoo.

Mikey and Drew wondering which one of them gets the left side of the bed...

Once again, never give Drew a camera. Me, just being me.

Me and . Self shot.

Reg and Juan with some mew friends.

And here we are at Mardi Gras itself, Fat Tuesday. We all decided to get dressed up in costume.

Reg made up Mikey so he could be a Pirate wench. He actually looked good enough to work at Lucky Chengs!

Drew went for the Nurse look.

Reg in her Doctor outfit.

The Pirate and the Doc.

Juan in his... well... dress.

Reg showing some cleavage.

Mikey leaving nothing to the imagination.

And finally, me in my I Dream of Jeanie costume. Vegging on the couch.
Strutting. Street wench. This space intentionally left blank.

And the gratuitous butt shot.

Me and wandering the streets.

Juan and Reg. Damn Juan's got some Bigguns!

Me and again.

The wench smoking.

For a while, we were calling Juan "Big Mamma".

Waiting for our food at "Bubba Gumps".

Tell me he doesn't look soooo gay?

Reg putting on a smile while we wait some more for our food.

The Jeanie and the Cat.

The Jeanie using the facilities.

After we ate, we went home, rested a little, then got dressed again. This time, Mikey decided to wear a bra.

And he really seems to enjoy wearing it.

Definitely likes wearing it.

Here's a little group shot of us. (Photo courtesy of Captain Morgan)

Doing the Jeanie thing. (Photo courtesy of Captain Morgan)

Me and hanging out on the street. (Photo courtesy of Captain Morgan)

Some Jeanie. Holding a cigarette and a beer. (Photo courtesy of Captain Morgan)

The Mardi Gras men. All dressed as women for some reason. Why is that?

Me and my Jeanie boobs.

Juan and some girl he picked up. Does he know he's supposed to throw some back?

Juan and some other broad.

And with yet another broad. Chicks dig a guy in a dress. That's the only thing I can think of.

Mikey with some of his Pirate friends. They liked him. :)

Juan with the Green Lantern and a Devil/Angel thing.

Me and with the Heffner Limo.

And with some freaks we met on the street.

Reg and with a cute and fuzzy bunny.

And then, after midnight, the clean up starts. This years clean up went a lot quicker and nicer than last years. And we didn't have to run from the Cops this year.
These are our neighbors from across the hall. The scratches are courtesy of the girl that lived next door to them...

This freaky Essex girl is their neighbor. Look at the nails on her!

And yes, I am a Bead Whore.

Here we are eating breakfast at Magnolias. Another of the rare full group shots.

On Ash Wednesday we decided to go on a Vampire tour through the French Quarter. One of the stops was The Babylon Bar. A haunted Vampire bar of some sort.

It did have a nice Elvis shrine. Anyplace with an Elvis shrine can't be all that bad, right?

The haunted Vampire Convent!

Our illustrious tour guide.

Some other haunted Vampire place.

Reg on the Haunted tour.

, Reg, the tour guide, and the author of the Vampire book they tried to sell us at the end of the tour.

Cafe Du Monde. Home of the best Beignets (French Donuts that taste a lot like Zeppoli's).

Drew on the phone.

Still on the phone. That boy was on the phone every time we stopped. We must have been waiting for Drew (or WFD as we called it) 47 times!

Yet another really nice accident.

And still another one.

And finally, one of the most beautiful sights, the Throgs Neck Bridge. NEW YORK!!!


Wanna see some of the naughty pics??

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