Heather's Agent called her and asked if she wanted to be an extra in the new Will Smith film. How could she say no? Thankfully, there was room for me to go as well. Big thanks to Peter for thinking of me!

The shoot is for a new film called "First Last Kiss". It was later changed to "Hitch". Directed by Andy Tennant, and starring Will Smith, Kevin James and Eva Mendez. Our day of shooting was at Madison Square Garden, on the Knicks court! How cool is that? So here are some pics of the production:

Kevin James (The King of Queens) sitting on the side, waiting for his scene.

In between takes, he would shoot some hoops. He's actually not bad!

General production shots.

Fixing the camera.

This guy was in charge of letting us know when to cheer and which way to look. Of course, with as much as I know about watching a Football game, I'd be cheering for the Home Runs at all the wrong times!


Heather all grossed out by the pigeon.

And during lunch, here's Heather taking some shots on the Knicks ball court!

Just showing you where we are.

And here's me taking a shot. And guess what? Nothing but net... Hey, you weren't there, you don't know. I could have gotten it in.

Heather at center court.

Eva Mendez (2 Fast, 2 Furious).

And finally, a posed shot of all the teams!


Be sure to look for Heather and I in the crowd cheering when the movie comes out!


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