Karaoke Night



As some of you know, I rarely leave my house. It's true. Sadly, it really is. Well, one night some friends of mine got together to check out a comedy club in Manhattan. I figured it had been long enoug, so I went.

After the Comedy Club, I headed downtown to meet up with Leon, Karen and their friends at a Karaoke bar. I was scared to say the least. I HATE Karaoke, but it's so rare that Leon and Karen are around to hang out with, so I sucked it up and went. Drew and Rich tagged along, both as wary of Karoke as I was. It turned out that the bar was a place called Muse, and it rents private Karaoke rooms so you and your friends can make as much bad music as you want. And we did...

Here's Rich singing along to... yup, that's right "Hit me baby, one more time". Such a sad little man it is who has to against the gender grain to get a laugh.

Leon, apparently farting on the door for some reason.

Me and Simon, singing a manly song about strippers and guns.

Rich checking the book to see if they have any Barry Manilow.

Me again. This time singing a song about... uh... Rambo. Yeah. Rambo songs are cool.

Simon again.

Me turning down the volume when no one is looking.

Can we get a petition together to force Leon NOT to buy or wear tighty whiteys?

SAKI FACE!! I hate Saki. Well, actually, I like it, but for some reason, I can still taste it for 2 days after drinking it. Ick.

Rich singing some Spice Girls song.

Leon cleaning up the mess he made when he laughed himself silly at Rich's Spice Girls dance.

Drew and Rich doing a duet to... "The Humpty Dance!"

Karen getting ready for her cool, and manly song to load.

Leon singing "God Save The Queen" or something equally British.

Rich asserting his manhood.

Karen and Leon belting it out.

Some wacky Brit song.

Rich with some girls we kidnapped from one of the other Karaoke rooms.

3 drunk morons in a cab heading back to thier hotel.

And some wacky shot of the front of the taxi for some reason. I'm sure I blinded the hell out of the driver.

Well, I must say, I hate Karaoke a whole lot less now. It took these crazy drunks to show me the light.

Though I'll deny it later if asked.


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