SpatCave 4th of July BBQ



Another year, another 4th of July, another SpatCave Barbecue! And not a moment too soon, as I was craving Spat Burgers something fierce.

This is the first time Belle was allowed to run around in the back yard without a leash. She was very excited about that kind of freedom. And oddly enough, when she got annoyed (due to us splashing her with water or trying to put her in the pool), she would run right back to the front door and want to go back in the house.

Ahhh... Old Glory. And if you look closely, you may notice that there are only 48 stars on that flag. It'll be a cold day in hell before I recognize the Carolinas!!

Always trust the cook that licks his fingers and then gets to handle your food.

The Spat Slide and Pool.

Sam with Annalise.

Mmm... Spat Burgers. I miss them already.

Belle's best friend and biggest rival, Cha Cha.

Jim and Joanna.

Sam and Joe.

Cha Cha and Belle.

And here's Sam rescuing Belle from her fight with Cha Cha.

It did rain for a total of about 15 minutes. About the same amount of time it took to put up the tarp.

Niall and Belle. Niall is soon to be deployed, so let's all wish him a quick and safe return!

As usual, Eric had to have a run down the slide!

And then Sam and Eric let Annalise go for a swim.

Eric posing.

And then someone got into the gun closet.

You can always tell when someone is trained to handle a weapon.

I don't know if this is a Before and After pic, or an After and Before.

Here's Belle defending the back yard from Terrorists!

A true "All American" Barbecue!

And then Nicole showed up. Late.

Me and Nicole.

The party went on to about midnight and while cleaning up, these sunglasses were found left at the party. So if anyone knows who they belong to, let me know!


And I hope to see you all at the next BBQ!!



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