3/30/01 - 4/01/01


This was an awesome con!! Actually, it was really fun just hanging with all the guys and gals from the Empire City Garrison! I especially want to thank Tye for letting us share his room, Frank and Zippy for setting up the free tickets, Keith for battle testing my new set of Snowtrooper armor, "The Watcher" for the set of Scooby Doo cards for Juan (who couldn't make it there), Here are the pics:


Let's start off with pics of the celebs that were there:

Here I am with Brad Dourif (Alien Ressurection, Childs Play, and the upcoming Lord of the Rings Trilogy). He was a really nice guy, and loved the bug suit.

Mmmm.... Erin Gray.... All those childhood fantasies of her in the white jumpsuit from Buck Rogers....

Here's the Bug, and me with Lisa Howard (Earth: Final Conflict).

Me with Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve on Xena).

Me with Ted Raimi (Joxer on Xena).

Here we are with Marjorie Monaghan (Babylon 5, Star Trek Voyager). I was going to take a pic down her shirt while she was leaning over, but I'm just not that type of guy...

Here's Virginia Hey (The Road Warrior, the blue chick on Farscape) signing some of Tye's artwork.


Now onto the con stuff!

Friday night we headed back to the hotel to party with the ECG.

Here are some of the Trooper Chicks.

Fett unmasked!

Jon holding a big gun. How scary is that?

Tye drinking Mad Dog 20 20.

And here are the chicks of the ECG. Of course it wasn't easy getting them to stand still long enough to snap the pic!!

Fett standing guard.

Me debuting my new Snowtrooper armor. Pretty sweet, huh?

And here's the back...

I'm not sure if that Officer's hair is regulation, but she did capture Princess Leia, so maybe Vader will let it go.

Darth Zippy scaring the kids. He scares them even more when he takes the helmet off...

Here he is, the most famous asthmatic in Sci-Fi history.

Half naked chick with red glowing eyes, gotta love that.

Lining up for Imperial inspection.

Here's the official Imperial Bard. This guy just walked up behind the Troopers and started playing the Star Wars theme, then the Imperial march. So they decided to keep him.

Later that night we hit the Applebee's across the street from the hotel (which was a good half hour from the con). It's always fun to ask the hostess for a table for 25 people.

Jon trying to hide from the camera.

Darth Maul at the same table with Qui-Gon? The Force makes strange allies.

I think we ended up taking up 5 tables total. Nice showing for the ECG!!

Here's our table. Smile...

Even later that night was the Masquerade Ball. Basically, it was the ECG, and a few other people. Here's a Babylon 5 chick (sorry, I don't know the show, so can't name the character), Xena, Warrior Milkmaid, Commander Zippy, and Queen Amidala!

Tony and Kieth (Kieth's wearing my Snowtrooper armor, trying to break it in for me... or was it just break it?).

Conga line going by...

And here it comes again...

That's right, the bug can dance... can't see, but he can dance.

Eric in his Darth Maul costume. He kept losing his horns all night long.

Zippy tearing up the dance floor.

Go Zippy, it's your birthday, go Zippy!

Sometimes Aliens keep trophies as well.

Then came the costume contest. Brad Dourif and Ted Raimi were the judges. The ECG lined up, and Commander Frank's thigh popped off (pic 1). Commander Zippy reprimanded Frank by making him wear his helmet backwards (pic 2). Ted asked if any of them thought they could kick his ass. When they all began advancing on him, he changed his mind and made them prove how loyal and well trained they were.

So he made them try some synchronized dancing. It didn't work as you can see.

When Qui-Gon came out, he ran into his old nemesis, Darth Eric!

Then came the Marines!! First Tony ran out and struggled with the Facehugger on his back, then came the bug, who started kicking Tony and beting him with his tail. Then they frisked him and performed some Marine Brutality on him!

I don't know what this costume was supposed to be, but I liked it.

And then came the judging. Third place was a tie between the ECG and some guy in a dress.

They got to split 1 free one day pass to next years ICON!! Brad apparently really liked his dress.

Second place and 1 free 3 day pass to next years ICON went to Xena!

And the grand prize went to..... The Aliens crew!! We won 2 free 3 day passes to next years ICON. When we went up to accept our prizes, Brad kissed the bug on the nose. But we didn't get a pic of it. Hopefully someone else did and will let me post it!

Here's Cricket hanging in the hallway.

Here's Charlie in his newly finished Sandtrooper armor. Very nice job, especially on his backpack.

After the contest, we headed to the bar (where else?).

Victor and Debbie hanging at the bar.

Scott "The Watcher" getting drunk with me at the bar.

Tony picking his nose.

Mark stumbling back to the con late and hung over.

And here's B.O.B. Jon's newest creation. An all wood, life size Battle Droid. The Droid was made with not one screw or nail holding it together. An awesome job!!


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