Hellboy Locator Kit



Supplies Needed:

Sandpaper (light grit)

Drill and 3/32 drill bit

Glue (we suggest CA+ glue, but any type of resin adhesive will work)


Silver paint

Here's the kit when it arrives to you. Includes Button, Main Body, Base, and 2 Cross Bars.
Wash all parts in warm, soapy water to remove any mold release left on it, and let it thoroughly air dry. Remember, this step is needed, otherwise there is a chance the paint will not stick well. Then lightly sand the prop to remove any seam lines that may be on the kit. Be sure to sand the kit in a well ventilated area as resin dust may be harmful.

Using a 3/32 drill bit, drill out the holes for the cross bars. You don't need to go very deep, just enough for the cross bars to sit comfortably in.

Glue Cross Bars into holes in the Main Body.
Prime the kit. Be sure to paint ONLY in a well ventilated area. Allow paint to thoroughly dry. Button should not be primed or painted.
Paint the Main Body and Base with 2 coats of silver. To get the best chrome look, airbrush works best. Allow paint to thoroughly dry.
Place the button into the hole in the Main Body. Glue the button in place.
Test fit the Main Body onto the Base and be sure it all lines up well. If so, glue the kit closed. Optionally, if you would like the Locator to be re-openable, you can sand off the screws on the back of the Base, and replace them with real screws.

The Locators used in the film were all a little scuffed and used looking. To simulate the grunginess of the Locator I mixed a little acrylic black with some water and blotted it onto the kit.
Before the acrylic dried, I patted off some of it with a paper towel. Let that dry, and enjoy!


A very simple resin kit that needs just a little clean-up and some paint to make a very nice display piece for every Hellboy fan!


Cast directly from an original prop used in the Hellboy film.

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