A Night With Funkface


So I get a call from my friend Frank asking me if I'm doing anything on Friday. Why? Because his band has a gig at CB-GB's, and they need the bug for the stage show! Who am I to deny someone's artistic vision?

As I was making my plans, I get a call from Mikey telling me that Dave Attell will be shooting his show "Insomniac" (on Comedy Central) at Mikey's Karate school. So since I already have my bug suit in the car anyway, I decided to drop by and see what happens.

After waiting a while outside, I finally got a hold of someone who works for the show. Told them my evil plan, and they loved it. They brought Dave out, and he loved it. So I geared up, and attacked Dave on the street. Afterwards, he interviewed me, asking me questions, and when I went to pull up the Alien head to answer, Dave screamed and said, "Put it back on!!"

Be sure to check it out! My Insomniac episode will air May 1st 2002 on Comedy Central. Check your local listings for the time.


Here's me and Dave Attell after the attack.


From there I headed into the City with Mikey to meet up with Eric, Zippy, Frank, and the rest of Funkface.


Eric, all red-eyed and silly after only one drink.

Funkface finally on stage and rocking away.

Frank's girl watching from side of the stage.

Funkface rocking out.

Self shot of Eric, Mikey and me.

Then came the song where I was to come out on stage for. They chose to have me come out during a love ballad called, "Suck My Cock."

So out I came! Dancing and bopping, and getting my groove on! I air-tailed very well, I might add.

Mikey trying to get a few shots of the hotties on the side of the stage.

Rocking away! I had a great time partying on stage with these guys! I hope they enjoyed having me!

So I finally gave my tail to the lead singer who apparently started doing naughty things to it!

And I'm spent! Time for a drink!


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