Here are some items that offer for rental for local fimmakers in need.


2x Panasonic DVX 100A Mini DV Camera


2 Hour Battery

2x 8 Hour Batteries

Wide Angle Lens

Telephoto Lens


Gel Pack

Chroma Key Backdrop 10'x12'

Black Backdrop 10'x12'

White Backdrop 10'x12'


Heavy Duty Tripod

Heavy Duty Fluid Head Tripod

Reflector Stand

Backdrop Stand 10'x12'

2x 14' Boom Pole


Boom Stand

2x Heavy Duty Light Stands

3x Ianiro 1kw Redheads

3x Standard Light Stands

4x Double Backlight Stands

Camera Steady Stick

2x Britek 600w Fresnels

2x Britek 250w Fresnels

36”x48” 5 in 1 Reflector

Chroma Key Blue/Green Backdrop 5’x7’

Tripod Dolly Spreader

Camera Car Mount

4x Sandbags

2x 24”x24” Soft Boxes, 2x 48”x48” Soft Boxes

Minolta VF Light Meter

Azden SGM X2 Shotgun Mic

Azden SGM X1 Shotgun Mic

2x Wireless Body Mics

5.6" Remote Monitor

Yamaha 6 Channel Mixer

Monitor Stand; Mixer Stand

5x sets of headphones

Headphone Splitter 4 Way

Dry Erase Clapper

14’ Camera Crane Boom

Black Foil



If you have any questions, E-Mail me.