The Erotic Exotic Ball NYC 2001



Well, for the first time ever, the Erotic Exotic Ball was held in NYC instead of San Francisco. So Mikey and I headed over to Webster Hall to see what all the fuss was about.

Special thanks to Mikey for taking almost all the pics that night (not easy to use a camera when you're in the costume I was in).

Also, just so you're all not dissapointed, all the pics are PG, but there is a whole lot of Alien Boob Grabbing, and chicks kissing the Bug and doing naughty things with his tail!!

Long Live The Bug!!!


First off, to start the night they had an awesome Burlesque show on stage! (I know you can't really see it well, but it was really well done)

The girls stripped down...

Then splashed around in giant Martini glasses and played with huge olives!

One girl.

Two girl.

Red girl.

Blue girl. Now I get spanked!

"Taste my Kryptonite breath!!"

Gratuitous Butt Shot.

Male? Female? Other? You decide.

Mikey digs the chicks with the big noses.

I can see her boobies!!

Later in the night, and another Burlesque show. Couldn't really make out what was going on in this one.

Mmmm.... Chain Mail Bra.....

Alien Threesomes!!

Alien Foreplay!!

Alien Boob Grabs!!

Alien Boob Grabs with Tail Stroking Action!!

Gotta love the Horny Girls!

Mikey goes in for the Butt Shot... DENIED!!

But he makes the spare!

Even later in the night, and another show! This was a great acrobatic show about some futuristic Cyborgs getting Penis Implants. I think. It's so hard for me to follow a play without a PlayBill in my hands!

So the Cyborg guy gets onto the table and gets his giant Penis Implant.

So they try it out, but it's just too big for her now! So what's a poor Cyborg couple to do?

Get a giant Cyborg Vagina!!! Then his girlfriend straps one on and takes care of him, then the ghost of Andy Warhol comes out... there's a fireworks show.. then a helicopter lands on the stage... and, well, it was all downhill from there.

Eeek!! An ugly bug!!

Crowd shot.

Artsy fartsy looking party shot.


Butt shots!!

Not him again!!

Girl on girl loving.

Table dancer.

Shot of a guy's beer.

Another table dancer.

Mikey, making his debut performing freelance circumcisms. It doesn't pay well, but the tips are really big!!

"Take the picture... Take the picture... Take the picture..."

"Come back here with that camera!!!"

Red girl in an apron holding a.... SPAT-ULA!!!

Cleavage shot.

And finally the contest for Ms. Erotic Exotic!

I was rooting for the first girl in this group. Yummie.

But here's the winner! Ms. Erotic Exotic 2001!!


The parts that are missing pics (because Mikey needs to learn to take better pics!!), are me Go-Go dancing by the stage, and me on stage for the Mr. Erotic Exotic contest! I got to get groped by WWF's Chyna!!





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