"Drop Dead Twice"


"Drop Dead Twice" is a new Zombie film being shot in and around New Jersey. It's a Rockabilly Zombie flick and our good friend Graham was in charge of FX make-up and asked us to stop by and supply some guns for a big fight scene.

Check out their website: Drop Dead

Graham had gathered up all these great FX Make-Up students from the Tom Savini school to come down and help out.

Here are some of our behind the scenes pics:


That's right, I brought the hardware.

And the big guns! When you absolutely, positively have to kill every Zombie in the room, accept no substitute!

Cat guarding the gun table.

Nikki (remember her from the Trenches pages?) doing some Zombie make-up.

These are the weapons they had. Without me, they would have been screwed!

Graham, hard at work.

The Zombie assembly line.

My gun table.

The Pinkie's

This appliance looks familiar...


Goth gang. The basic plot of the film is that the Zombies attack, and the local gangs team up to take them on. There's actually a lot more involved in the plot, but that's all you're getting for now.

Zombie brides?

Josh, the Director, chatting with his walking dead.


Josh looking very confused.

Cat with her camera that she copied off of me!

Nikki and Jennifer. Nikki did some awesome make-up here. Not to mention the fetus and umbilical cord. Gross, gross stuff.

The Luchador Brothers.


Me and Cat guarding the guns. The PSP came in handy that day!

And here's Jenn and Nikki with their bundle of pus.


Big thanks to Tony for snapping most of these pics, and be sure to check out the Drop Dead Twice Website for updates! Tell them Spat sent you!



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