DragonCon 2001

8/30 - 9/3


Mikey, Juan and I drove down to DragonCon this year, and had Eric, and Shiela following us in their car. They ditched us in Maryland when Juan got a speeding ticket.

Here's Juan checking the air in his tires.

I know it's hard to see, but that's a shot of the President's Marine One Helicopter!! And yes, this is when we were driving through Washington DC. Thanks to Sgt. Zeno for telling me that the Presiden't Chopper is called Marine One, not Air Force One!!

A shot of Mikey taken over my shoulder from the front seat.

Here's the hitchhiker we picked up on the way down. Of course, 2 minutes after we picked her up, we passed 2 really cute girls hitching, and Juan almost pulled over to kick this girl out and pick them up.

A shot of the Lobby. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

The Elevators. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Juan with Robin, our friend from Registration.

Mikey being silly.

Another Registration buddy.

Me and Mikey drinking at the bar.

Spud with Mystique.

Frank (as a Stormtrooper Marine), and Spud (as a Marine Stormtrooper). See how evil alcohol is?

Spud with Trinity. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Shiela as a Tonika Twin. She won a prize with this costume in the Star Wars Costume Contest!!

Mikey and Eric as Dr. Evazen and Ponda Baba.

What would DragonCon be without the half naked chicks?

Sith Vixen with Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti from Star Wars).

Sith Vixen sticking a "glow stick" up her nose on a dare.

Frank flexing for the ladies.

Here are some shots of the ladies that were at the "Goth Party".

What would DragonCon be without the bi-sexual girls?

Or sexy sisters dancing together?

More Goth girls dancing.

Hector getting down with the sexy sisters at the party.

And then even more girls dancing. Thanks to Rob for wandering around and taking the pics at the Goth Party for me!!

The Empire City Garrison's Imperial Beach Patrol. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Had to get a shot of the girl ballsy enough to call herself the "Sluttress"!!

Eric in his awesome Clone Trooper costume.

Troopers need rides, too! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Here are some shots of the 501st Stormtrooper Garrison who made it to the Convention.

Here are the Ladies of the 501st. Gotta love girls with guns.

More 501st shots. (Photos courtesy of Juan)

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) with the 501st at a dinner at Planet Hollywood. (Photo courtesy of Juan)

Catching some rebel scum. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Us walking to another party. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Eric in his awesome Ape costume. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Keith in his "Blue Trooper" gear. GO NY!! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

The Marines have landed!! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Marines. What more can you say? (Photo courtesy of Spud)

At least the lobby was safe. Being guarded by these Marines, who would dare do anything silly? (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Spud joins up with SG-1. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Does that technically count as a costume?

Don't know what she was supposed to be, but it's nice, huh?

Dawn Costumes seem to be all the rave at DragonCon. Maybe I should actually find out who Dawn is??? (Photo courtesy of Juan)

A Cenobite. Which way is hell from Atlanta? (Photo courtesy of Spud)

A little of teh old "Ultra Violence". (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Clone Trooper bearing the flag of the Northeast Squad! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Raiders getting out of hand. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Do these guys not understand how hot Atlanta is in August? (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Vader gets it on!! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Another one in a really hot costume!! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Really nice Cylon. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Some more Cylon shots. (Photos courtesy of Juan)

A super sweet Dalek. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

They don't serve droids here!! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Spud with Vaughn (The new Commander of Starfleet on Enterprise). (Photo courtesy of Spud)

The Registration Crew. (Photo courtesy of Robin)

Three girls making out at the bar. Gotta love it.

Somehow I always end up with a shot like this when I lend out my camera.

The Blue Meanies!! (Photo courtesy of Spud)

The Mystery Men. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Some really nice costumes from the folks at SOLAR. A LARP group. (Photos courtesy of Juan)

More than meets the eye.... (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Body paint. Greatest invention of the 20th Century.

Jerry Doyle getting caught in a drive-by Silly Stringing. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Innocent bystanders hit by stray string. Oh, the horror. (Photo courtesy of Spud)

Me and Richard. This must have been taken early in the night, because we're still standing up.

Great costume of Nefertiri from "The Mummy Returns".

Crystal. That's all I have to say.

Crystal joins the Empire!! (Photos courtesy of Juan)

These are the only 2 people to ever come up to us and thank us for working at Registration at the con. I of course assumed that they were trying to get free passes, but it turns out they were just really nice people. You meet all kinds of freaks at a con, huh?

Ya Ya. That's her name, not the sound I made when I saw her. :)

Here's a pic we got taken at a booth in the Dealer's Room. It's Juan being attacked by Mikey and I.

We found this on the side of the road somewhere in South Carolina. F. Chris Graham tells me that this Elephant is on Hwy 29 in Spartanburg, S.C. and that he is a local landmark. The rumor is that someone lived inside the pink one for a month before the owners found out. It is supposedly hollow behind the light-up sign. Thanks for the info, Chris!!

Me posing outside Dockside Dolls. A Gentlemens Club in South Carolina. We're gentlemen, right? (Photo courtesy of Juan)

Ok, gotta say, this was probably the most disgusting thing I saw the whole weekend. Pigs Feet. Pickled Pigs Feet. And according to the women at the Truck Stop, the Pigs Feet are a huge seller. Ewww.



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