"Corpusville" is an Alex Clavijo Production. It's a short film shot in and around New York. SpatCave Studios were hired to do make-up, and act in the film.


Here's Heather as the lead in the film.

And here I am as her sleazy stepfather. Of course, it was not an easy job getting the part. Here's the actual e-mail from Brandon (one of the writers of the film):

"Also, we heartily appreciate Spat's offer to play Hauer, but I'm afraid that Spat (with his boyish John Cusack-meets-Ben Affleck looks) simply isn't the threatening, slimy, shit-lord that this guy needs to be."

C'mon, I'm slimy!!

Brandon talking, and Alberto ignoring him.

Alex, for some reason playing with his pants. Freaky.

Now this is a sad family portrait.

Alex working the camera.


I don't know why these three are so excited. I'm about to climb on the bed and get naughty! You'll have to see the film to know why...

Alex having some more problems with his pants.

Alex again.

Heather after the beating.

And after the beating with a green filter.

Me, post stroke.

Heather again. Looking better.

Alex with pants on.

"Help, I can't breath in here!!"

A little "Menage a Spat" action.

Hotel room shoot.

Our Iwo jima memorial with fries and a straw.

Heather on the subway, freezing.

Like a little Eskimo girl.

I think the sign says it all.

Heather and Sandor. He plays Herschel.

Me working the reflector.



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