Chiller Theatre October 2001

10/26 - 10/28


Photos on this page are from both Spud, Drew and I. It's too much trouble to make which are his, and which are mine, so deal with it.


Some of Chiller's Illustrious Security folk, Jose and Heather.

Here is evidence of Juan stealing Erica's purse. Add your own stereotypical comment.


Drew hanging out in the lobby.

Eek!! A vampire is trying to steal Jade and my pizza!!

"Don't make me come over there!"

Eric in his awesome Nosferatu costume.

The Empire City Garrison (mostly) out of costume.

Apparently I yelled too much while outside guarding the line to get in, so Szylvia taped my mouth shut. :(

Drew hard at work.

Don't you hate when your date gets make-up all over your face?

"And I want a new Lightsaber, and a gift certificate to Sith's R Us!!"

Darth Eric!!

Spud with Manon Kelly.

Sexy School Girl Anna.

Here's a little progression of Eric putting make-up on Spud.

And here's the finished product! Fangs and bullet-hole by me, but the rest is all Eric.

Drew taking a nappy-poo.

Here's me in my newly completed Biker Scout costume.

Scouting out the lobby.

Arresting the local ladies.

Who says Rebels and Imperials can't get along?

Getting down with Maralyn.

Accosting the Aliens. That's Mon Zippy in the fish mask!

Some people feel the need to bring their own pussy to a convention.

Here are a bunch of the cool costumes that were on hand Saturday night.

More cool costumes.

And some ladies in costumes.

And yet more...

Drew with his new partner.

The Vamp and the Cop.

Cop on Cop action.

I guess Bauhaus was wrong, huh?

Mikey goes Jedi.

Toni (as Leia), Carl (as Luke), Curt (as Han), R2 (as himself), Eric (as Darth Maul), Zippy (as Darth Vader) and some Stormtroopers (Frank, Mark, Hector, and Rich).

Rousting the Kitchen Staff!

Spud the Vamp running around causing trouble.

Eric as an Ape.

Me and the Vamp chick.

Jerome Blake and Anna hanging out at the bar.

Drew and Jerome.

Some drunk guy trying to have sex with a Hotel Room door.

Me and Anna.

Here's me, Drew and Spud saying hi to Ray Park (Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode 1).


Drew with Robert Picardo.

Drew with Marina Sirtis.

Drew with Erin Gray.

Me and Drew with Joe Pantoliano (the Matrix, US Marshalls, The Sopranos).

With Jerome Blake (Star Wars Episode 1).

Paul Gleason (Die Hard, The Breakfast Club).

Mercedes Ngoh (Return of the Jedi).

Me, Drew and Spud with Brian Thompson (The X-Files, Kindred: the Embraced, Star Trek, Cobra).

Me, Drew and Spud with Hank Garrett (Car 54).

Glenn Shadix (Heathers, Beetlejuice, and Planet of the Apes).

Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch).

Drew, Rachel and Heather.

Eric with his newest sex toy.

"Wristbands.... Wristbands...."


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