The Big E



For those that don't know, the Big E is a huge Carnival held in Springfield, Massachusetts every year. This year, the Empire City and New England Garrisons were invited to take part in their Mardi Gras parade. We threw out toys, comic books, stuffed animals, and of course, beads to all the people lined up to watch. Here are the pics:


Two of our illustrious members of the New England Garrison.

Raising the flag on the grassy knoll while being heckled by pesky Jawas!

Lining up for the Parade.

Our Jawa banner bearers.

Darth Zippy in his Imperial Shuttle. Note the Wookie head in the grill.

"I shall call him.... Mini-Me."

Dropping off some gear after the Parade.

Here's a nice shot of the Big E. Lots of rides, games, food, more food, some more food..... Over the course of the day, I ate a Sausage and Pepper hero, a Steak and Cheese hero, some little mini donuts (we were looking for Zeppoli's, but they had never heard of them!!), and a Deep Fried Snickers Bar!!!

Posing for the Security folk.

Taking a break.

That's right, the Empire was called in to take care of that pesky "Hamburgler" once and for all! Ronald wasn't too happy with the fried Hamburgler corpse being left in the audience, Birdy just kind of stood there in shock for a while (and later had to be sedated), and Grimace puked into the crowd. You have no idea how much vomit that purple thing can hold!

Posing with the State Troopers.

Late night Lightsaber duel between Zippy and Eric.

I wonder which one is wearing more make-up? And which one takes longer to apply it?

Eric freezing.

AHHH!! A big scary Dragon!!

Keith following us out.

We then decided to go Bowling. What else is there to do in Chicapee late at night? Of course, we had to bowl with the helmets on.

I think Sheila was the first to ditch the helmet and just bowl. Ignore Eric's butt in the second pic!!

Actually, wearing the helmet seemed to really help Zippy and Frank's games, while pretty much trashing the rest of ours.

I can't remember the exact final scores, but mine was something in the high 200's. Or was it a 61? I can't remember now, but I'm pretty sure it was high.

We then went back to the Hotel room, and goofed around a bit.

Eric was nice enough to show us his butt again. We had to beg a while, but he finally mooned us.

Hopefully, Sheila's not applauding the butt flashing.

Since I never seem to get my picture on my website these days, I had to resort to taking it myself!!

Eric and some big tall statue.

"I am... Batman!!"

Don't get too close, he does bite. And we all know about his butt flashing fetish.

"Mmmm, grubs."


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