Big Apple Summer Sizzler '09



Well, I was put in charge of running the Big Apple Convention, and one day Mike Carbonaro decided to hold a ONE DAY, FREE ADMISSION convention. You heard that right. Mike decided to give something back to the fans by letting everyone in for free (that's if they signed up in advance on the website), so there was a catch. The day was a huge success, for who can resist a free day of glorious geekdom.

Of course, as the time drew closer, we realized that while we had expected a certain amount of people to show up, we had double that many people signed up on the website! So that meant we were worried about the place being overbooked and wall to wall with fans!

I guess a Free Admission show really packs them in!

Without further ado, here are the pics...


Cecilia relaxing while we set the place up.

The autograph room and artist alley before the con. Notice the brilliant table arrangement by Spat and Tony.

Paul Maitland (Big Apple web designer and artist) designed the awesome graphics for the con t-shirts. He used the con mascot (Mr. Apple) with a superhero theme. They were a HUGE hit! Too bad we ran out, people wouldn't stop asking for them. The next version will have a villain theme. Can't wait to see that one!

Spat (Super Grand High Majestic Con Director) hard at work with, uh, a roll of tape.

Z and Anthony getting ready to post banners on the wall.

Its so much easier to work with music to inspire me! He has the whole Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana collection on his iPhone.

Kim and Tony at the Playwright. (Z and Anthony debating in the background; "No I can drink more that you!" "NO, I can drink more!!")

Spat predrunk state.

Kim, the first of many many photos she will appear in.

Kim trying not to get bored with Spat. (Z imitating a deer in the headlights)

"Hello, this is love line, how can I make your fantasy come true?"

"Oh, hi mom! Didn't know it was you!"

Chris and Kim hanging out at the Playwright.

Tony likes to take pics up people's noses.

And then Richard arrived! In case you didn't know, Richard LeParmentier played Admiral Motti in Star Wars, as well as parts in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Superman 2.

Me and Kim.

Richard and Anthony!

Anthony and Cecilia!

Richard and Kim get comfortable.


Tony standing in front of Cathy St. George's table! I wonder if he signs autographs as her as well?

Our Volunteers hard at work!

How many Volunteers does it take to hang up a poster?

This was the first time at a Big Apple that I was able to take a break and sit down. I guess the last 4 shows working with these same Volunteers, we've learned to work really well together. So I didn't need to be everywhere, doing everything. So for the first time I was able to sit down. It was the best 6 seconds of my life.

Our Autograph area/Artist Alley. With the lovely Josie Lee in the foreground, and Tiffany Taylor in the back.

Brian Kong, working?

Richard trying to look busy.


The packed room!

Tony with Cheryl Bachman!

Cathy and Tony!

Now this is a Dynamic Duo I can watch for hours!

Terry Runnels strangles Jason.

Zorikh stuffs his face!

Me with Leilene Ondrade of Flavor of Love.

Me and Josie Lee.

Richard and Josie.

Dom looking over the Volunteers.

The Volunteers getting their after show goodies.

Our illustrious Volunteers. And Grace.

Steve and Bobbi at the after party at the Playwright!

Ruby and Jenn showed up!

Cathy and Charlie.

Cathy and Bobbi.

Bobbi standing outside smoking.


Ahh, full Irish Breakfast! Soooo goood.


And since Saturday was Drew's Birthday, and he didn't show up, we had a party for him later!

Here is is!

And here's his My Little Pony cake!

Blow, Drew! Blow!

And then Mikey stuck his finger in the cake.


Bad Mikey!


Well, that's it! Big thanks to all my Volunteers! Thanks to Grace, Anthony, Tony, and Z for coming down and helping out. Thanks to Mike Carbonaro for putting on the show! Thanks to Sean, Nicole and Dennis for all their help! Big thanks to all the Guests and Artists who came to the show, and especially to Richard! It's always great seeing you again!

And that's pretty much going to be the last of the Hotel Big Apple shows. Be sure to come down October 16-18, 2009 when Big Apple moves to the Piers at the West Side Highway. We'll be at Pier 94 at 55th and 12th Ave.

See you there!



If you have any questions, E-Mail me.