Belle's Birthday BBQ




Well, it's been ten whole months since I got Belle, and it was time for her Birthday! That's rigth, she was turning one year old! So I decided to have a party! That's right, I threw a birthday party for my dog, so what?

Here's the Birthday girl in her #1 shirt.

And here's Belle with her new friend Cha Cha. There was a small turf war going on for a while, as well as a lot of toy stealing.

Rich, the chick magnet, lulling another unsuspecting, underage lady to sleep.

My mom, playing with her granddaughter.

I assume they're playing. Belle was having fun playing "keepaway" with the big hamburger.

Belle blowing out the candles and then smudging her name on her birthday cake, made by Sharon. And yes, it's all made fo stuff that dogs can eat. And boy did they like it!

Belle licking the knife.

Belle and Cha Cha having some cake.

Check it out, the new SpatCave Fire Pit! We had some awesome roasted marshmallows! Yummy.

Belle finally taking a nap with Alyssa.

And then finally playing with her daddy.


Happy Birthday Belle! And many more!



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