Big Apple Comic Con 2009

10/16/09 - 10/18/09


Well, Big Apple Comic Con is New York's longest running Comic Convention, and was recently acquired by Wizard Entertainment. This would be the first Big Apple show run "Wizard Style". Which means a HUGE show with much bigger named guests, and a lot more attendees!

I took very few pics that weekend. I was just way too busy. But feel free to head over to the Wizard World Flicker Page to see a lot more pics.


One of the great things about these shows is bumping into people you haven't seen in a long time. Here's me with Jason! Jason and I were roommates at Club Med Cancun when we worked there like 200 years ago! I haven't seen him since Club Med Cancun! Check out my Tequila Night and Club Med stories for some more history.

Me, Drew, Anthony and Jason.

Friday was an absolutely INSANE day. As it was the first time we've done a show in this location, it was a huge learning experience. Thankfully, I had an awesome team of Volunteers helping out at the show!

After the doors closed at the con on Pier 94, we moved to Pier 92 to set up for the party. Little bit of "Spat Trivia", back in the early 90's, I used to build stages and booths for the conventions that were set up at these Piers!

The Friday night party was awesome! Naughty By Nature performed on stage! They rocked!



Chanel Ryan (Hobgoblins 2) "thanking me" for the great placement of her autograph table.

BSG star Mike Hogan meets some of his "children". Man does he look happy!

Getting pumped with Thomas Jane (The Mist, Hung)! He was scheduled to do a 1 hour free signing for the fans, but refused to leave until everyone who wanted his autograph got one! His one hour signing turned into a 4 hour signing! This guy is amazing!

Well, what can I say? It's freaking WILLIAM SHATNER!! I had to get a pic with him. And his angry face. Big thanks to Froggy's Photos! They rock! You get a pic with a celebrity, and then the print it out for you so you can go get it signed!

Anthony and Drew with the Kirk. Notice how he's only angry in my pic.

Me and Sean Young (Blade Runner)! She's even more beautiful in person than she ever looked on screen!

Me and Drew with the cast of Warehouse 13! Saul Rubinek, Eddie McClintock, and Joanne Kelly!

The Angry Penguin taking me out!

After the con closed up on Pier 94, we once again headed to Pier 92 for the after party! This time with a performance by Taylor Dayne!

Some more Spat Trivia for you, two weeks before Big Apple was my Birthday! But with the show coming up, I was working until 9 or 10pm every night, and never got the chance to go out for my Birthday. So I had mentioned that while on the phone with Josie Lee, and she swore she would bring me a cake! She asked me if I wanted something written on it, and I told her, "something dirty".

And then right there at the party, she came out with a cake for me!

Gotta love Josie!

And it's a Cheese Cake!

And the inscription? "Something Dirty".

Of course, she did forget a fork, but it's the thought that counts!

Everyone got a bite!

Big thanks to Josie Lee!! And here's me, Josie and Camden Toy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)!

Here's me with Wizard Photographer, Dan Reilly!

The gang!

Bad Art performing at the Party.

Then we headed out to a bar for a night cap.

And here's Z with his "I was shot in Iraq and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".


Last day of the con!

Punched out by the Wrestler, Virgil!

Me with Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca - Star Wars)!

And here's Peter mistaking me for Billy Dee Williams!

Me with Erin Gray (Buck Rogers, Silver Spoons)!

Me with Gil Gerard! I was such a huge fan of Buck Rogers!

Of course, I guess trying to hug your childhood idol does sometimes get you punched!

Me and Grace with Billy Dee Williams. Mr. Cool himself!

Me with Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett - Star Wars)!

This is what happens when you tell him that Boba Fett is now a New Zealander!

Linda Hamilton (Terminator)!

Nichelle Nichols!

Christian Serratos (Twilight)!

Edward Furlong (Terminator)!

Showing off the "Guns" with Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk).

He's a little jealous that my arms are bigger. Sleeper hold. Out!

Anthony with the Warehouse 13 crew!

Kathy Najimy (King of the Hill)!

Me with Marissa from Concrete Immortalz!

Me in the SpatMobile! Now this is cruising in style!

Bill Bryan drew this on one of our Volunteer's shirt!

Our Volunteers end up with a lot of awesome free autographs and sketches on their shirts!

At the after-after party and I ALMOST got a picture of the illusive "Froggy".

Mmmm.... Joanne Kelly. She told me that my eyes looked like "two piss holes in a snowbank". It's shameless how she flirts with me!

Joanne with her new bestest friend, Dana. Dana was one of my Volunteers and she ended up working at the Warehouse 13 table all weekend!

And here's a custom cover of yours truly done by Brian Kong!

And lastly, here's part of our Volunteer Captains staff! Joaquin, Maria, Anton, Drew, Grace and me!

Big thanks to all our Volunteers, all my Volunteer Captains, Drew, Tony, Anthony, Grace (the poor girl had to be my assistant all weekend, no one should have to live that hell!), Z, Mike Carbonaro, Froggy, all the Artist and Media Guests, and everyone at Wizard and Big Apple! Awesome show, and I'll see you all at the next one!

If you have any questions, E-Mail me.