"Imperial Guard Costumes"


Well, a small group of costumers were looking for something new to wear to DragonCon in 2008. We wanted something new and that we hadn't seen done to death 1000 times before. We finally settled on War hammer 40K Imperial Guard Elite costumes, also called Kasrkin.

It took a few months to put it all together, but here's what we finally ended up with.

Please note that these costumes were made by costuming fans to wear at a convention and are not for sale.

All armor parts are made from .100 gauge (approximately 1/8" thick) HIPS plastic. It's a High Impact Styrene/ABS hybrid that has the best properties of both. So it's strong, yet flexible and can bend with you without cracking. I vaccuformed all the parts and assembled them for everyone and then shipped them to Atlanta for DragonCon!


Chest and back. The chest aquilla was made by my friend Matt.

Shoulders. Undetailed and with the Cadian Gate. The other shoulder had our unit number stenciled on it (069).

Belt armor.

Hand and forearm armor. The hand armor attaches to the glove with snaps, but a strap could work just as well.

The legs.




The helmet. Skull crest made by Matt.

The helmets are fully padded and quite comfy to wear, though they do get hot after a while of wearing them in Atlanta!

Cadian 8th

Standard Cadian chest and back. Just painted green, no camo painting.

Cadian shins are shorter than the Kasrkin ones.

Shoulders, one with the Cadian Gate.

And the Cadian helmet.

Conscript Helmet

I got bored, so I made a Cadian Conscript helmet.

Other Gear

Our uniform was actually a Chef uniform from Chefwear. But it absolutely worked perfectly, and it's really comfortable as well! For the pants - Cargo Pants 3200 in Grain. And for the Jacket - Five Star (5000) in Grain.

Our gloves were surplus German Nomex gloves, but any Nomex gloves could work.

We used M44 goggles with the tint in place.

And our harness was a used British M58 Web set. Really looked the part for the Warhammer universe.

Lazguns, made by Matt.

And Frag Grenade, also made by Matt.

And here we are at DragonCon in all our glory!

I'm still working on the respirator for the helmets, and may add a camera to the side of the helmet like on the minis. Soon.

And here's Bryce in his standard Cadian 8th armor!


Hope you enjoyed the pics!


If you have any questions, E-Mail me.