"American Terror: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb"


"American Terror" is an Eric Ramos Film based on a Comic Book. We were hired originally just to supply some costumes and some props as well as a day on set to do some bullet hit effects and pyro work. It quickly grew into a stabbing scene, and some old age make-up. Here are some pics:

Bloody hand print on briefcase.

Gerald as Victor.

Our Riot Cop.

Tony in the back of the Patrol Car.

Our knifed man. Guess the gun didn't help!

Our Director, Eric Ramos.

Homer in old age make-up.

And here's Anthony, Tony and I with our creation!

Victor Make-Up test.

Homer Make-Up test.

And Spat in a coffin!

The original comic.

The cast and crew at lunch.

Our DP, Patrick with his eyebrow highlighted. This makes 5 projects that Patrick and I have worked on together. I'm starting to think he's stalking me.

Another make-up test.

Jason taking a nap.

Filming in Brooklyn.

On the bench.

Directing the scene.

The bullet hits! Made by me and painted by Ariel.

Yet another make-up test.

Dressing Victor.

Caroline, our awesome PA.

Anthony and I handing over the guns.

Victor all shot up.

Some more stills.

Blocking out the scene.

My lovely make-up assistant, Ariel.

Victor contemplates his own existence.


Anthony packing up the guns.

Victor needs a napkin....

And a mop.

Note the belt, it's actually a rope.

Packing up the gear.

And finally, the SpatCave balloon that Tony stuffed into the briefcase so it would jump out when opened.

Big thanks to my team - Anthony, Ariel, Drew, and Tony.

And I'll post more info about the project when I get it.


If you have any questions, E-Mail me.