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How to explain this one? Well, Panic Struck Productions is making a Star Wars Fan Film called "Revelations" being filmed in the Virginia area. The first day of shooting was in October, and they were filming in an active rock quarry in Virginia. The ECG, and other 501st Garrisons were invited down as extras for the film.


Here's Matt checking out my BFG.

Here's everybody hanging around in the quarry waiting to start filming.

Scary rock walls!

Here are the prisoners being dirtied up for the shoot.

Cherie's Speeder Bike waiting for it's film debut.

IMPOSTER!! Meghan undercover as a Stormtrooper.

Zippy leading his troops.

Dale ready for his close-up.

Troopers looking for something to kill.

And here are the Prisoners complaining about having to move all those rocks.

Maybe they need a little "incentive".

All in all it was a great day of shooting, I must say, all the folks from Panic Struck were very professional and friendly, and we had a really great time doing the shoot. I played a Biker Scout (I die in the big shoot out!), so be sure to look for me when the film comes out!


Well, a month later they told us they were shooting again and needed some people to fill up a bar scene. I asked if they needed some Aliens, and was told not to bring any masks! So I sent Shane and Dawn some pics of the masks Eric and I were working on, and they suddenly changed their minds!

Some of the masks we were working on. Some are re-painted Don Post masks, and others are ones we cast ourselves.

Here's Eric adding the final touches to the Anvil Head.

Some prop blasters we slapped together for the shoot.

Whoops, this isn't for this film!

It's like he's looking into a mirror!

Heads and heads and heads!

How did that get in here?

Work, work, work.

And here's our Rogue's Gallery of Aliens.

And here they are set up at the shoot in Virginia.

Eric testing if you can actually see or breath in the mask. You can't!

And here are some of the Aliens we dressed up.


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